MLS Meets With Elk Grove Officials, Tour Grantline Road Site

September 19, 2014 | As part of their tour of the Sacramento region, officials from Major League Soccer (MLS) visited Elk Grove this ...

September 19, 2014 |

As part of their tour of the Sacramento region, officials from Major League Soccer (MLS) visited Elk Grove this morning.

According to the city's public affairs office, the MLS delegation met with unspecified  Elk Grove officials from 8:30 to 10 a.m. The presentation included an overview of the City of Elk Grove and a tour of available land, including the 100 acre parcel recently purchased by the city on Grantline Road.   

No further details of the meeting were released.

An Elk Grove resident sent the photos posted to this story that were taken at approximately 10:15 a.m. The resident said there were six helium type balloons placed along the Grantline Road parcel. 

On the driveway to the parcel the resident reported what appeared to be a large unoccupied passenger van parked at the site.   

Click to enlarge. 

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Anonymous said...

WOW, I am sure Kevin Johnson was impressed with our welcoming. Balloon's and streamers! Time to stop this non-sense; time to stop wasting tax-payer's money; time from transparency. Mr. Hume, what is this land really for? Certainly the city did not spruce it up for any MLS visitors. So, what gives? Why did we pay 6 million for land OUTSIDE of our city limits? Someone needs to come clean on this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

That's a big WHOOPIE! You know the MLS was impressed by that show, even brought tears to my eyes. No doubt after this show we moved to the #1 spot. Mayor Cooper (he was promoted), you did good.

Fred Ziffell said...

A passenger van? Really?

I have no doubt that the MLS contingent was transported from the airport in a limo and have been in one through every step on their visit, excluding Hooterville. What, Mr. Haney's junk truck wasn't available for them. Must have been @ Sam Drucker's General Store, waiting for some more balloons.

This town throws money away faster than they earn it, yet they treat dignitaries they want favors from to a passenger van?

This is too funny, almost impossible to believe. LOL!!!

Anonymous said... have to remember who you are dealing with here. At least they didn't use e-Tran...probably not on their route. They left Elk Grove...remember

Anonymous said...

Anon. 15:50 Looks like it's not your first Rodeo either. I've watched Pat Hume work that bunch before and can see they never get what just happened to them. Now what are his plans for this land since he is well aware that would never be for a MLS Stadium. The Connector goes through there..right? He knows where he's going with it, just forgot to pass the word on to his co-horts. Hilarious.....

Anonymous said...

if pictures say 1,000 words! thanks for the happy hour laugh!

Krusty the Klown said...

Now that this round of stupidity is winding down, what can we expect next from the group of Bozos?

Anonymous said...

Nunez unable to attend???

You have GOT to be kidding me!

What a hoot!

OK, Hume, what is YOUR interest in the land purchased?
You are the calculating, canny one.

If the citizens can decipher Hume's interests, then they will know the real reasons that 6 mil. land purchase was made.

By the way, who were the owners of that piece of land????

USS Herd said...

The lingering question is where was Gary and Nunez during all this? After all, they were the two instigators of this charade weren't they? Maybe recognizing a sinking ship, they jumped into their political life boats and paddled away. Of course they have probably hatched up schedule conflicts to cite.

Laguna Pete said...

Next up:
1) dusting off that SOI packet and preparing to annex that 100 acres into the city.

2) Manipulate the LAFCO board and get developer sympathizers to replace the critical thinkers.

3) Don't forget about those kids and their pool that will lose us money and tax the crap out of us citizens as well for the next 30 years.
37)...and soccer pitches, baseball and softball fields for our kids.

BTW: There is no excuse for our mayor not to be at these meetings with MLS. He's our leader, our spokesman, and the one person that has pushed for this project from the start. - ...and interesting Fabian Nunez was out of town as well. No doubt wining and dining on our hard earned money with some blonde bimbo. The citizens warned Davis of Nunez but he's just to stupid to see what everyone else already knew.

What does this city do well?
1) cater top developer wishes
2)ignore citizen input.
3) anything else?

How many times have the citizens told our electeds to stop this frivolous spending and "destination city" mantra, and start making this a better city for those who live here?

Lynn Wheat write-in candidate for mayor.

Jeff Owen write-in candidate for District 4.

What do people need to see before they wake up and take note of where our city is going?

Anonymous said...

Just red the above mentioned story in the Mod Bee.

I understand why the city didn't want his name up. Can you say Reynen and Bardis?

Anonymous said...

That's what you get when you deal with Fabian Núñez. Wonder how long his paycheck goes on? And what's with EG and Sotiris Kolokotronis dealings?

Anonymous said...

The Dream Team consisted of Gill, Nunez and Sotiris Kolokotronis showing off the vacant farmland decorated in big balloons and an economy van tour? Wonder why this town was not selected?

Anonymous said...

i hear the Raiders need a new stadium, forget MLS and aim higher for the NFL!

Connie said...

City Manager Laura Gill needs to explain why we paid Fabian Núñez $100K and he couldn't even bother to attend this meeting. Didn't Núñez say he would be here when he was wooing the Elk Grove City Council when they voted to extend the exclusive agreement and he would certainly look forward to a visit from MLS to show off Elk Grove?

What was so pressing in LA that Núñez couldn't get on Southwest, fly up here for two hours and then fly back?

The city of Elk Grove needs to sever this contract with Núñez before we owe him any more money. Money for what, may I add?

Reminds me of the Kevin Ring contract. The Council extended his contract even with strong objection from us citizens as was done here. Then when Ring scandal broke, the Council couldn't wait to fire him and ask for an investigation into his billing practices. We couldn't get the invoices so I wonder what we were billed for, a payment to that posh health club in New York City perhaps?

Again, educated citizens who do their homework were right again, but we are out $100K!

As the saying goes, "if we don't learn from our mistakes. . ."

Anonymous said...

We don't even know if our Mayor was there. Everything was so hush, hush...we've got a secret. Don't imagine that was lost on the MLS either, but it did/will save our wallets in the end, not that we ever had a chance anyway.

I would certainly hope that the contract would be terminated....surely our council knows there is no hope and never was in getting the MLS to EG. In fact sue him for Breach of Contract....and City Council, get your s@*t together or pack it up and go home. You've cost us've lost our respect!

Marcie said...

Connie, are you sure about the $100,000? It seems that while the city has an exclusive agreement with Nunez, I don't recall any exchange of money. Was that money for the study done by whoever the consultant was that said the city could support a soccer stadium? Elaborate if you can. If it is as you say, the city has a lot of explaining to do for the $100k. And yes, were was the mayor and Nunez?

Connie said...

Here is the clarification: The city of Elk Grove entered into a contract with Northern California Soccer, LLC. Núñez is affiliated with them and he has been the point person speaking on their behalf before the Council and to the press. $100K was approved and Núñez was the driving factor here.

Here is one excerpt that I found very interesting from the staff report: “The City Council entered into a four-year Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (“Agreement”) with Northern California Soccer, LLC, (NCS) in December 2011. The Agreement provided for cooperative siting and funding of a Major League Soccer stadium and amenities within the City of Elk Grove.”

Please note the last part of the sentence “within the City of Elk Grove.” The proposed land purchased is not within the city of Elk Grove. So are we talking annexation here? Precursor to another SOI? Is that why the rush rush hush hush on the land purchase on the consent calendar hoping no one would notice?

Below is the link to the staff report and the feasibility study.

Anonymous said...

and the city leaders were going to pay 15K to host the king of Timbuktu! but low-budget for these top execs?!?

Anonymous said...

Lot more to this than just a soccer team. Property just sold in 2013 for $2,000,000 and now the group who purchased it will make $20,000 more an acre than what is worth, or basically making $2,000,000 in little over a year

Hmmm…lucky investment…I don't think so

Anonymous said...

to Anon @ 8:50;

details please!!!

SteveB6509 said...

I believe the land was owned by Frank Loretz (a local farmer).

Lynn said...

Corrupt as Bell, Bankrupt as I do not have the this is just my opinion...someday I am sure someone brave will come forth and unveil and confirm my statement...someday....until then as I have heard said; follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Consent item detail can be seen here:

Anonymous said...

The Consent Item for the Purchase and Sale
Agreement with Frank Loretz and Mundell
Land and Livestock Company, Inc......

Naomi said...

Thanks for the link.

The city needs to have a professional renegotiate this deal right now. It is pretty obvious they don't have any idea what they are doing. If they do, they are likely doing something illegal.

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