Poll Says People OK With Elk Grove as Bedroom Community; Lessons From Rio Rancho

September 30, 2014 |  In a popular poll that concluded this afternoon, a majority of respondents supported the qualified proposition ...

September 30, 2014 | 

In a popular poll that concluded this afternoon, a majority of respondents supported the qualified proposition that it is OK if Elk Grove is a bedroom community. 

The poll which started last week, shows the following results:

Statement: Elk Grove is a bedroom community; which of the following statements best describes your thoughts: 

Being a bedroom community is fine, but lets try to get some better paying jobs here too -  4 (6 %)

Being a bedroom community if fine as long as schools are good and we control crime     - 10 (15 %)

Being a bedroom community is fine, but lets get those youth sports fields underway         - 2 (3 %)

Being a bedroom community is fine and I agree with the first three statements listed here  - 41 (65 %)

We should spend taxpayers dollars to become a tourist destination - it will be a big          -  2 (3 %)
payoff for the city's finances

Not only should we continue pursuing becoming a tourist destination, we should               - 4 (6 %)
continue pursuit of the pro soccer stadium at all costs

No opinion                                                                                                                     -  0

The poll, though unscientific, shows that a vast majority of the respondents agree that being a bedroom community is fine, but some enhancements would make it even better. 

Conversely, the poll showed less than 10-percent of respondents agree with the city's strategy to become a tourist destination. 

This poll was conducted in the wake of the city's recent $4.4 million purchase of 99-acres that it hopes will help land a Major League Soccer club.     

In the last week, an EGN reader linked a story from the New York Times about the disastrous results when one city, a New Mexico bedroom community that has a Fortune 500 employment center, build a sports venue.

That city is Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  

Below is an excerpt from that story:

"And although larger cities often have more wherewithal to absorb these kinds of long-term obligations, bedroom communities like Rio Rancho (population 87,000) have less leeway because they have smaller budgets.
So the towns are not just stuck with buyer’s remorse, but also growing financial headaches."

The entire story can be read here

We certainly hope our city leaders read the story, take a step back and really consider all the possible unintended consequences from not only the soccer stadium proposal, but the over-designed proposed aquatics center.

Next time the city council discusses these proposals, let's hope they include Rio Rancho, New Mexico right along with Frisco, Texas.   

The Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, NM 
previously hosted a minor league soccer team.

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Anonymous said...

It is not too late for the City to back out of the land deal.

Elk Grove, destined to become Stockton north if these pie in the sky projects keep coming.

Anonymous said...

Elk grove wants to do it big time and makes those cities in the NY Times article look like amateurs when it comes to spending money.

$100 million soccer stadium.

Water park in a residential neighborhood

Sister city to cities in the Third World.

Thousands of units of high density low income housing projects in the city's "crown jewel" and adjacent neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

This New York Times article should be required reading for every council person and resident in this community along with the Comments. We have done nothing but spin our wheels for the past few years with nothing to show for it but spend-spend-spend! It is time to come back down to earth and get that Aquatics Center downsized and build our kids the Sports Complex. Let Sacramento guide us to the city for all the other shopping & entertainment needs we desire...that's where it belongs anyway.

Anonymous said...

The example of Rio Rancho is amazing. Debt kills cities. Check out the city on Google Maps and find the arena. It's in the middle of nowhere. Don't look at the map view but the satellite view. The Elk Grove location is at least within a mile of the freeway. Rio Rancho's arena is 10 miles from the freeway. Our location is better but very similar as it's too far out. The Cosumnes River flood plain will prevent development around our location.

Anonymous said...

Is the land parcel in the flood zone? If yes.....

They want to do what???

Build a soccer stadium complex in a flood zone?

Anonymous said...

No, this parcel of land isn't in the 100 year flood plain but as you move southeast toward Deer Creek and the Cosumnes River there is a huge area of flood plain. The flood plain will prevent development around the soccer stadium except for land along Grantline Road. Currently none of which are within the city's limits.

Anonymous said...

Why would the city purchase land that is outside of its jurisdiction in an area where very little commercial construction can occur?

Is the city overpaying for this land?

Pragmatic Paul said...

Very interesting reading, a "bedroom community" taking on huge debt to attract professional sports franchises and now facing bankruptcy after projections fail to meet expectations.

Pay attention council members, this could be us in just a few years. Note where Stockton is financially and see how they got there. Pro sports teams and costly beautiful venues that don't attract the public.

Do you really want your legacy to be that YOU were responsible for bankrupting our city when you were warned time and again on the record this is where we were headed and you hid your had in the sand and ignored the masses?

This is a very good cautionary tale. Take heed.

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