Four for Four - EGC, EGN to Host Forum for Elk Grove City Council District 4 Race

September 30, 2014 | The Elk Grove Citizen and Elk Grove News will host a candidate forum for the four candidates running for the Elk...

September 30, 2014 |

The Elk Grove Citizen and Elk Grove News will host a candidate forum for the four candidates running for the Elk Grove City Council District 4 seat.

The forum will be held on Thursday, October 9  in the City Council Chambers at the Elk Grove City Hall. Citizen Reporter Bryan Gold will question the four candidates on a host of issues facing Elk Grove and District 4.

The forum is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Hosting the forum will be Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume

All four candidates have agreed to participate in the forum. 

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No More Lies From Ly said...

I hope you question Ly on his failure to fulfill his 4 year term on the EGUSD Board as promised. If you can't trust him to keep that simple promise how can you believe a word he says. Also, maybe ask him some questions first so he can't just regurgitate what the other candidates just said.

Anonymous said...

Get over it! Move on with the fact he is running. All politicians lie.

No More Lies said...

That's pretty much the reason we have the government we do, too many people getting over it. Yes the fact is he is running. Also a fact, he lied about his commitment to the EGUSD and he should be challenged on that. I will continually challenge him on that.

And why is he running? All the good intel points right back to Gary Davis. I challenge Davis on his statement regarding Chaires. I either personally attend, or at the very least watch, every Planning Commission meeting. I do not believe Chaires every confronted Davis. Nothing that I have seen in the past 6 or 7 years would indicate that she is that type of person. So is Davis just following in Ly's footsteps and telling lies, oops, I mean being loose with the truth? What's Davis going to do when Ly decides to run against our esteemed Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ly is a flip-flopper. If you take a principled position, the public wants to see you stick with it, even if it’s going to hurt. I have never seen Mr. Ly attend a city council meeting and have no trust in him making decisions on this taxpayers dollar.

As to Ms. Chaires confronting Davis...being the professional she is that would have most likely been behind closed doors. That's more than I can say about Mr. Davis, someone I voted for and have now come to have hugh doubts that he is working in the best interests of the city. He just does not have the expertise to run a city and until the other councilmembers realize that and vote him down we will continue to struggle in accomplishing anything within this city. I believe Mr. Hume gets it, but he is but one vote. Now throw Ly into the mix and we most likely will all lose...just a Davis clone!

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