Three Visits With 54 Days to Go Until the General Election; No Visits From Ly or Ose

September 14, 2014 | With 54 days until the November general election, some candidates have their campaign volunteers out working t...

September 14, 2014 |

With 54 days until the November general election, some candidates have their campaign volunteers out working the precincts.

At my residence in the 95624 zip code, home to three registered voters, since Labor day we have received three visits from representatives for two different races. The visits came from precinct walkers for Dr. Ami Bera and Nancy Chaires. 

At our residence, there are two registered as decline-to-state and one Democrat. Since Labor Day Bera's campaign has come twice.

Bera's first visit came when no one was home and left a leaflet at the front door. The second visit came yesterday, and contact was made with one of my sons. 

Bera, who is in a very tight and expensive race against Republican challenger Doug Ose, is obviously scouting out votes, keeping tallies of contacts and going back to those spots to ensure no voters goes un-contacted. To date we haven't been contacted in any form by Ose's campaign, though we have seen plenty of the Karl Rove's and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-sponsored independent attack ads on a variety of TV programs.

Perhaps Ose, who may not have the boots on the ground that Bera does, is relying on the high-frequency independent expenditure ads being bought on his behalf to sour voters on Bera. For all of Ose's recent talk about endorsements from prominent Democrats like Sacramento County Supervisor Jimmy Yee, I am surprised we have not seen any evidence of being personally visited by Ose's campaign. 

There are after all two decline-to-state and one Democratic voter whom they will need to win the election. I suspect our mailbox will be filling up in the days leading up to the election.

On November 4, we will know what was more effective - personal contact or saturated attack ads and I am sure forthcoming attack mailers, from independent expenditure committees. Let's just hope between now and then there can be a discussion on issues rather than basing our votes on mailers and attack

Closer to home, this afternoon we received a visit from a representative of the Nancy Chaires campaign. Not a bad time to visit the home, one might think with three registered male voters - in between the morning and afternoon NFL games. 

Chaires, a current Elk Grove Planning Commissioner is one of four candidates running for the District 4 seat of the Elk Grove City Council. Chaires' main opponent is Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly, who won in a landslide victory in 2012 in part due to an extensive get-out-the-vote effort.

Chaires representative, a well-groomed 20-something man, identified himself and quickly made his before-the-door-gets-slammed 20-second pitch. Alas, being a curious sort of person and not being the slam-the-door-let-me-get-back-to my-football sort of voter, I took the campaign literature (see above) and let him continue with his pitch.

After making his canned generic pitch, three questions were lobbed at him - what are his candidate's positions on erecting a pro soccer stadium, the proposed aquatics center and the SOI.

For the first two questions on the soccer stadium and aquatics center, the volunteer gave answers consistent with what Chaires has public in public and through her vote as a planning commissioner. 

As for the SOI - shorthand for the City of Elk Grove's desire to expand by about 12-square acres - and in fairness I was using inside baseball sort of jargon, he said he was not sure of Chaires' position, much less what  I was referring to. 

But in actuality, neither Chaires nor Ly to date has clearly articulated what position they would take if elected when the expansion plan resurface. As suggested in an earlier post, both Democratic candidates are already being influenced by RECALL campaign contributions, which is to say that they will support, qualified of course, the city's unabated desire to continue its sprawl.

As for Ly, who is once again said to have a large cadre of volunteers walking precincts, there has been no evidence of his walkers hitting my precinct.  


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Anonymous said...

Same in my 95757 neighborhood. The only visits we had came from a precinct walker for Dr. Ami Bera and a personal visit by Nancy Chaires. As for the in-the-mail flyers...they're all tossed without a second look.

Another thing I have noticed are the tasteful "NANCY" signs on the attention grabber for sure. Makes it personal...

JMHO of course...Ly can save his time in stopping by. When a person cannot keep his word to the people I consider that an incompetent and I sure do not want them on the city council spending my hard earned tax dollars. That's not saying I am a hard-core Nancy person either...hope to hear more at some upcoming Forums.

Anonymous said...

I have received a walker from Ose and a phone call from Ly, this from a two Rep household.

R Reinwald said...

We have had two visitors, one for Darrell Fong and the other for Dr Bera. We, too, are in the 95624... And are a Dem/Rep household

Anonymous said...

I have had several visits from canvassers for Rep. Bera but no one else. Recall that Dan Lungren never did anything more than send out mailers, just held a few town halls, and often voted against bills that would help our area.

Doug Ose is a very slippery character; didn't we learn our lesson the first time he was elected to federal office? Several of his real estate development deals have very controversial, and that's putting it mildly. He has violated the terms of his contract with the Sac County Board of Supervisors to lease Gibson Ranch. The contract called for him to maintain and protect the park, but instead he altered it, even grading over some of the wetlands areas located on the property.

I question why he is running for the congressional seat? Is it only to add one more name to the Republican majority in the U.S. House? Why else would he allow Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and others to do his campaigning for him?

No, there's some hidden agenda at work here. Doug Ose is just too treacherous to put back in office.

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