Chaires Receives 'Bee' Endorsement, Ag Supporting Cooper

October 1, 2014 | Two Elk Grove-based candidates were the recipients of major endorsements in the last 24-hours. In an editorial pu...

October 1, 2014 |

Two Elk Grove-based candidates were the recipients of major endorsements in the last 24-hours.

In an editorial published this morning, The Sacramento Bee's editorial board endorsed the candidacy of Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires for the Elk Grove City Council District 4 seat. Chaires is facing three others for the seat.

In their endorsement, the Bee noted Chaires' seven years experience on the planning commission make her well-suited to help solve the city's most pressing issue, the job-to-housing imbalance.

The endorsement also offered some insight into why Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis switched his support from Chaires to Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly.
Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim Cooper (l), Elk Grove Planning
Commissioner Nancy Chaires and California Assembly
Member Dr. Richard Pan. 

The Bee described Davis' withdrawal of support for Chaires in the following excerpt:

"That brings up one concern about Chaires, who has had a falling out with the mayor over what transpired. Davis backed her for the appointment, but is now supporting Ly. The mayor says he switched because Chaires privately raked him over the coals for not voting for a special election, demonstrating to him that she put personal political ambition ahead of the city.

Chaires adamantly denies that version of events, and says she consistently opposed spending money for a special election. She told us that she’s a “grown-up” and is not one to hold grudges."

Separately, Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim Cooper announced his campaign for the California Assembly Ninth District seat was endorsed by the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau. Cooper is facing Sacramento City Council Member and fellow Democrat, Darrell Fong. 

"The San Joaquin County Farm Bureau is honored to support Jim Cooper, a trusted leader in our community," San Joaquin County Farm Bureau President Jack Hamm said. "Jim is committed to fighting the twin tunnels project and protecting our delta. We can count on Jim to support San Joaquin County’s vibrant agriculture industry."

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Connie Conley said...

Knowing Nancy and her style, it is not like her to "rake" anyone over the coals. If she approached Gary at all regarding the switch, I am sure it was handled much more professionally than portrayed in the Bee's endorsement of Nancy.

As a disclaimer I have supported Gary Davis a lot in the past including when he ran for Mayor; even though I did ask him to step down and let there be a proper election for District 4 in 2012.

But as with anyone any of us support, you are not going to agree on everything and nor should you.

Congrats Nancy!

Lynn said...

I was disappointed that the Sac Bee editorial board would make their endorsement before the District 4 Candidate forum to be hosted by the Elk Grove Citizen and Elk Grove News. My question to the editorial board; were all candidates interviewed? Nancy missed the planning commission meeting regarding the South East Policy Area. I understand that it may be impossible to attend all meetings; however, this is an important planning area for our city. I know of a time when one commissioner missed an important meeting and he submitted comments beforehand for the record. This informed residents where he stood on the project. Please look at Nancy's voting record. I believe it clearly indicates her vision for the city. Elk Grove residents I encourage you to attend the forum, study the issues and decide for yourselves who is the best candidate.

Edward Stevens said...

I am sure the Bee staff did their due diligence in vetting Nancy's qualifications and platform. However, I agree once the forum is concluded the community will have a better snapshot concerning the many important issues facing EG. We will assuredly see more endorsements forthcoming that have decided to wait until then. It will be very interesting to hear the facts. As far as the back-story on Davis first endorsing Nancy and then withdrawing his support, shouldn't reflect as much on Nancy as it should on Davis himself. Sounds more like 'sour grapes' to me.

Thomas A. Anderson said...

What do we really know about this pool of candidates beyond the buzzwords and platitudes offered up in mailers? Not much. Hope to hear what they actually stand for.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could support Cooper after reading about his behavior in the Sacramento News and Review. Sexual harassment of subordinate employes. Ask a woman if she would like some "jungle love" before her marriage. Dating a drug dealers girlfriend and so on. Read the Sacramento News and Review. They are not afraid to print the real story.

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