From Potholders to Plants, Do Political Gifts Really Work?

October 13, 2014 | In the 2006 hotly contested Elk Grove City Council race between incumbent Rick Soares and then challenger Pat Hume, if...

October 13, 2014 |

In the 2006 hotly contested Elk Grove City Council race between incumbent Rick Soares and then challenger Pat Hume, if you ask any local political watcher what they remember about that race, there is a good chance it will be "potholders."

In what was considered a stroke of campaigning genius at the time, Hume's political consultant Richie Ross struck gold when a potholder from Hume's mother was sent to Elk Grove voters on behalf of her son. Hume went on to soundly defeat Soares, and a local political legend was born with the potholder being seen as a crucial factor in the race.
Will Steve Ly's plant distribution take on mythical

status in Elk Grove politics?

Taking a page from the Ross playbook, this weekend Elk Grove City Council District 4 candidate Steve Ly put his spin on the potholder play. Ly's campaign dropped potted houseplants at the homes of several women voters in Elk Grove.

Like Hume's potholder, Ly's gift plant came from his wife with a personal note that reportedly said:

"Hello Neighbor,
I hoped you will consider my husband, Steve Ly, when you vote for Elk Grove City Council this November.  A loving husband of 20 years and father, Steve works hard and is endorsed by Mayor Gary Davis.
Best Regards,
Cua Ly"

Following receipt of the plants, a number of inquiries were sent to EGN regarding the legality of such gifts, and more so the appropriateness. About the latter point, the women who received the plants characterized them as inappropriate and in poor taste.

"I feel he is trying to buy my votes…as if he has nothing more to offer than a plant, " one Elk Grove woman voter who asked her name not be used for this story said. "My dad did not fight in the war so Ly could cheapen our freedom by giving out plants with a slogan on it."

For his part Ly said distribution of the plants "was a genuine gesture from my wife to the voters of Elk Grove."

"If any voter does not wish to have the plant, please return it to our office," Ly said. "The demand for just one of the many thousands of plants delivered has created a shortage and supplies are running low."

Ly added that anyone who would like to have a plant can get one at his campaign office or by calling him at 916-717-3827.

Another woman voter who received the plant was Elk Grove Community Connection co-founder and political activist Connie Conley, who questioned the morality of the practice.

"Voting is a valuable right of every American citizen and we have an obligation to make certain our vote is not trivialized in any way," Conley said. "To ensure the integrity of voting, I believe that no candidate should ever feel that they need to give someone a gift and then ask for their vote. I think it is morally wrong."

While the appropriateness of the plant distribution might be questioned, the more pertinent question might be how effective is the practice.

While Hume's 2006 potholder distribution has taken on almost mythical proportions, there is one other aspect of that race that was the bigger factor helping Hume defeat Soares.

Hume raised a whopping $188,000 in cash to Soares $118,000, of which $82,000 was from his pocket. This does not even take into account the tens-of-thousands of dollars of independent expenditures that flowed into the race on behalf of Hume and then challenger candidate Gary Davis.

Unlike in 2006, neither Ly nor the other presumed front-runner in this race, Nancy Chaires, have raised money anywhere close to that seminal election. Furthermore, to date there are no independent expenditure committees weighing in on the race.

If Ly wins, it is unlikely this plant distribution will take on the myth of the potholder. However, if Ly loses, this plant distribution could take on a different myth altogether.  

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Anonymous said...

Well times have changed or maybe women voters are more astute in that they know when they are being manipulated. The pot holders, again from a Richie Ross client, Darrell Fong, had the adverse affect this time out and rightfully so.

Keep your plant and keep you potholder. My vote isn't for sale by some cheap gift with a letter from some stranger's wife or mother.

Paula Whutton said...

I too received a plant on my doorstep. I contacted the campaign office of Mr. Ly and told them to come and get the plant as I felt it was inappropriate. I was told to bring it back to Mr. Ly's office. Really???? I'm not wasting my gas and time to return something I did not ask for. Dropped it in the green waste can.

And I do remember the potholders. I felt they were offensive as well. Seriously, just because I'm a female you're giving me a potholder? I thought it was rather patronizing.

My vote is not for sale, whether potted plant, potholder or some other cheap plastic piece of crap.

Mr. Ly''s latest actions have solidified my non-vote. First he lies about completing his term of office on the School Board, then copies a fundraiser theme ala Ms. Chaires (who I'm also not voting for), and now plantgate.

Finish your term on the School Board and then go away Mr. Ly. You're too much of a slick politico like others on the City Council.

Support of an Issue-based Campaign said...

To the quote "My dad did not fight in the war so Ly could cheapen our freedom by giving out plants with a slogan on it". I understand the sentiment and I have to admit that the closest I have came to Hmongs was pushing my shopping cart through Costco and buying strawberries at their strawberry stands. But, I found out something interesting in researching Hmongs that leads me to believe they are cheapening our democracy. On the contrary, I believe they are very strong supporters of democracy but have cultural differences "rooted" in their agricultural history. To quote Wikipedia:

"In the early 1960s, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Special Activities Division began to recruit, train and lead the indigenous Hmong people in Laos to fight against North Vietnamese Army intruders into Laos during the Vietnam War. It became a Special Guerrilla Unit led by General Vang Pao. About 60% of the Hmong men in Laos were assisted by the CIA to join fighting for the "Secret War" in Laos.[46][47] The CIA used the Special Guerrilla Unit as the counterattack unit to block the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the main military supply route from the north to the south.

Hmong soldiers served in combat against the NVA and the Pathet Lao, helping block the Hanoi's Ho Chi Minh trail inside Laos and rescuing downed American pilots. As inhabitants of the more mountainous regions of Laos, the Hmong people earned a special place in the hearts of American combat soldiers because of their strong support for the United States in its fight against the North Vietnamese and Pathet Lao communist forces.Though their role was generally kept secret in the early stages of the conflict, they made monumental sacrifices to help the U.S. Laos was subjected to the most heavy bombing in the area, resulting in the death of approximately 19,000 Hmong soldiers and 50,000 Hmong civilians and virtually annihilating all village agricultural life.

Small groups of Hmong people, many of them second or third generation descendants of former CIA soldiers, remain internally displaced in remote parts of Laos, in fear of government reprisals. Faced with continuing military operations against them by the government and a scarcity of food, some groups have begun coming out of hiding, while others have sought asylum in Thailand and other countries.[56]

Throughout the Vietnam War, and for two decades following it, the U.S. government stated that there was no "Secret War" in Laos and that the U.S. was not engaged in air or ground combat operations in Laos. In the late 1990s, however, several U.S. conservatives, alleging that the Clinton administration was using the denial of this covert war to justify a repatriation of Thailand-based Hmong war veterans to Laos, urged the U.S. government to acknowledge the existence of the Secret War and to honor the Hmong and U.S. veterans from the war. On 15 May 1997, in a reversal of U.S. policy, the U.S. government acknowledged that it had supported a prolonged air and ground campaign against the NVA, Pathet Lao, and VietCong. It simultaneously dedicated the Laos Memorial on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery in honor of the Hmong and other combat veterans from the Secret War.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the history of the Hmong.

Having said that, even though Ly is of Hmong ancestry, as he has often said, he is a product of our public schools.

Anonymous said...

Don't throw the plant away.

Such a waste.

Remove the campaign info and give it to a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Ly's plant give-away is cute by half.

Anonymous said...

Well, considering the news story just a few below this one, I would say we're pretty lucky it was a house plant and not a pot plant!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ly, if it was a POT plant, you definitely have my vote!!

Anonymous said...

From Potholders to Plants? Who CARES!!!

Nancy has always reminded everyone that she is the CHAIR of the Planning Commision. Lo and Behold, the PC has screwed up this city for the last 10 years and Nancy has been on the PC for 7 of the last 10 years. Just look at the eyesore we call the mall. And now, she wants to be on the CC and promote the "status quo"? No more Nancy. "I am NOT with Nancy!"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steve Ly - Not finishing his school board term?

To everyone who says this, do you remember when the school board was a rubber stamp? Whatever Ladd says, the school board simply "unanimously" approves every and all actions?

Let's see where we are today at the school board? Ladd is gone! Thank GOD!! Two old trustees are resigning and new blood is being pumped into the board. Every penny being spent is being tracked carefully and issues are being debated and issues are no longer being passed with a rubber stamp.

I am not saying Mr. Ly is responsible for all these changes. Albeit, he is a "catalyst for change". All those angry parents during those days, did anyone rise up to the Board and Ladd and tell them to shove it up their rear?

During the last election, it was the team of Mr. Ly, Mr. Forcina and Mr. Perez that swept into office and demanded many of the current changes.

Perhaps, we need some new changes at City Hall as well. Mr. Ly, is a change agent to fight the status quo and to question every issue and every decision, that in my book is not a bad thing. Perhaps, the city of Elk Grove needs someone like that.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Anon 14:49, you make a valid point that Mr.'s Forcina, Ly and Perez were all new to the school board. The other thing that was different was none of these men were aligned with the long-term school board members.

In this election, Mr. Ly is firmly established in the camp of Mayor Davis. In fact I received a Ly mailer that prominently displayed Mayor Davis and his ringing endorsement. If you are happy with Mayor Davis and think he and Ly will be agents of change for the city council, by all means that is how you should vote.

If you are looking for change on the city council Mr. Ly, and for that matter Ms. Chaires are not the choice. After watching the forum on TV this weekend and listening to the audio of last Thursday's forum, I am most inclined to cast my vote for Mr. Jimenez. He is the only one of the three who is actually working in the real world, i.e., the private sector. He may not be as polished and have all the cliches of Ms. Chaires and Mr. Ly. He does have one thing going for him - he has real world experience starting and running a business. This might be the perspective the city needs, not just another public sector employee.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! We all know why Mr. Ly is running for the D4 seat, Gary Davis asked him to. And why did Gary Davis ask him you say? Because Gary Davis didn't want Ly running against him for Mayor. It's a simple as that. Politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Mr. Willard,

Indeed, you are correct, Mr. Ly is being endorse by Mayor Davis. However, if you asked Mayor Davis and which he has publicly stated many times, "Steve and I may not agreed on many issues, but he has my support because he will do his DD on every issue."

More importantly, we just need someone to perform DD on all issues facing the city of Elk Grove and Steve Ly has proven that for the school board and hopefully he can do that for the city of Elk Grove.

Anonymous said...

Plant-Gate Update:

Due to the overwhelming demands and positive responses from the voters of Elk Grove, we have procured an additional 5,000 plants in addition to the 10,000 already delivered over the weekend. If any voters wish to receive their plants, please come to the campaign office or call Steve Ly on his cell phone 916-717-3827

Anonymous said...

Many are happy with their plants. So why complain on here? Its a genuine and thoughtful idea. I guess being nice now a days means offending others.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Anon 16:10; appreciate the civil dialogue.

With all respect to your support of Mr. Ly, I have to disagree with your assessment of Mayor Davis' and Mr. Ly's statements that they may not agree on all matters. Perhaps.

Call my a cynic, but from my experience and years of observing politicians, this is a game of smoke and mirrors to obscure the fact that they will have the same agenda. As Deep Throat told Bob Woodward back in the day, follow the money. Following the money will answer the question of what the real agenda for these gentlemen is. It is a cheap parlor game meant to hide the real agenda.

As someone posted earlier, this stunt and Mayor Davis' and Mr. Ly's proclamations of independence is too cute by half.

Anonymous said...

Steve Ly not finishing his school board term? Nancy left our Elk Grove mall unfinished? Two candidate running head to head for Elk Grove City Council. Im reading and researching both side trying to figure who is the better candidate. I find it funny how have more news to say poorly about Steve and while Nancy Ad is being advertise. I won't no who to vote for.... but Im getting this idea that I can not rely on this Seem very bias to me.

Best to get my research about both elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, from the picture, it looks like those are Snapdragons, but I have to imagine that really, like Mr. Ly, they are actually a "Davis plant."

Anonymous said...

Anon. 17:07 If you will take another look at the Nancy ad you will see that it says " Paid Political Advertisement."

The comments posted here are the views of the people of this great least in large part I would think. Nothing always do your research and a good way to have stayed on top of it would have been to attend/listen to planning & council meetings & forums as many of us have.

Anonymous said...

And to add to the Capts. statement...Mayor Davis' statement on the Steve Ly mailer...

"Throughout his sixteen years in Elk Grove, Steve Ly has proven he is the type of partner I need at City Hall. Steve will work hard to help me recruit new businesses for Elk Grove." ~Mayor Gary Davis

Note he said "I need" and "help ME", NOT US!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine got his plant, he was surprised. He thinks I might be getting mine soon. I'm actually hoping for something a little more creative like a new Iphone 6 with a Steve Lies background or maybe a Gary Davis workout poster. I'm a little out of shape and a poster of The Mayor wearing his sweatband might be what I need to get things going.

I'm like a little kid waiting for Xmas, I just can't wait to see what I get. I won't vote if he skips my house.

Anonymous said...

A measly $1 plant? Oh C'mon Mr. Ly!

Nancy, I'm sure you can do a lot better than a measly plant. If you can deliver me a tree, my vote is yours for sure.

Go Nancy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how people are rationalizing this plant as a "gift." Gee, if Steve Ly wasn't running for Elk Grove City Council, would he be offering up such a nice "gesture," as people are calling it.

At least have the integrity to call it what it is. I give you a plant and then I ask for your vote. It is right there on the note.

And shame on Gary Davis for pimping out his elected mayoral office saying, "I need a partner on the city council."

A vote against Steve Ly is a vote against Gary Davis and his leadership!

Arthur Carlson Jr. said...

As Momma Carlson said of Les Nessman and Herb Tarlek, the same can be applied to Gary Davis and Steve Ly. Respectively, the Mayor and Les are obtuse while Herb and Ly are addle-minded.

Anonymous said...

There's one thing I don't understand. Can someone educate me? If everyone is so set against Gary Davis, why does he run unopposed? Please educate this voter?

Thomas Jefferson said...

Gary Davis, and Patrick Hume both run unopposed for the same reason that most city council meetings are rubber-stamp consent item celebrations.
Most folks are busy with their families in the evening, so attendance at these functions is limited to bringing out the kids to support the aquatics center or the soccer fields.
Of course, these are functions that should be better handled by our parks and recreation district and schools.
But, the city council is bored with pandering to Region Builders and the Building Industry Association, and does not do so well with economic development anyway.
So, there you have it: an inept city council, and a disinterested populace.

John Adams said...

On top of what my good friend Thomas Jefferson said, the other reason seated council members go unchallenged is money. The seated council members have all the big money coming from developers, so unless they cross the developers, the developers are not going to change horses mid-stream and give money to someone who is challenging their boys. And make no mistake, the council members are their boys!

Ross Perot said...

The only way for an outsider to get elected is to be wealthy and throw your own money into the race. The building industry has their people in place already and have locked the gate from outsiders.

lynn said...

Ross, you most certainly are correct about what would be needed for change and why 2 candidates remain unopposed. This to me is very very sad. We are loosing our democracy....the rich get richer, the poor poorer and we are loosing our middle class. It is about elections and it is about what goes on locally. If each person voting simply asked; since this person has taken office how has our city improved?....have I attended a city council meeting? do I know how they are spending my money? If unable to answer the questions get passed all the flyers, signs...and before the vote get on your computer and watch a council meeting, look through some to your neighbor. Might be worth the effort; signs, potholders, my mind our votes are worth way much more...don't sell out for cheap

James Stockdale said...

After Davis and his "partner" Ly lead us down the Destination Path, let's see how much money was spent and what we got out of it. The Destination Path will either lead us towards greater economic prosperity, or it will end a couple political careers and send them out to the coffee pasture.

Silent Dogood said...

Did I miss something? I can't recall Steve Ly ever pledging to serve four years on the School Board. Was that one of his campaign promises in 2012, did he say in a speech, "if elected I will serve the full four years of my term in office!!"

I keep seeing "Hi I'm Nancy" supporters bashing Ly for not fulfilling his promise/pledge to complete his term.

I am pretty sure those same people are supporting Cooper and it is the same with him.

All the other Elk Grovians said...


There's some of us haven't received no flowers from the Ly camp. We were wondering if the Chaires camp will out do the cheap Ly Camp? How about them trees?

I know Adm. Stockdale sir, and you sir are not Adm. Stockdale said...

The use of the appellation of Adm. Stockdale is offensive here. "Too cute by half" or just plain slime?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10/13 @ 14:49 & 17:07

I've been doing my own research and the reason Stevie Wonder gets a lot of negative feedback about the school board is because he promised a lot of Elk Grove residents that he would be committed to serving his four years. He talked to them personally and convinced them to help him run for the school board.

Take a look at this video.

(copy and paste the link above into your browser window if the link doesn't take you to the video)

Regardless the video was posted by the Nancy campaign, it gives you a good idea why so many people don't trust him and don't believe him.

The video is actually only one sample of how some people feel betrayed, I've talked to a few other people and they feel the same. So much time spent for a guy who has given so little in return.

What if he does win the City Council vote, will he then change his mind? Will he decide it's not for him and do something else?

In reality Steve is not a bad person, he just can't stand by his word and deliver his promises.

In my book you only get one chance to make a good impression and he has already disappointed plenty of people on the first try.

Do we forget about his promises and give him another chance?

Or do we move on and give another candidate a chance to help Elk Grove move forward.

I recently received a couple of mailers from Ly's campaign. One of them was for education and another was with Gary Davis telling me that he needs him on the City Council. I tossed them both in the garbage, there was nothing that really convinced me of voting for him.

So far I haven't decided which way I am going to go but so far my research and gut tells me that Steve is not the person.

Of the 4 candidates, he's basically been crossed out.

This is almost like buying a car, do you go with the car that has left you on the side of the road and has a history of breaking down. Or do you go with a reliable car that has a better chance of getting you home?

Anonymous said...

Now that October is almost gone, this is getting good.

As much as I love my city, I am kind of interested in seeing the other side of the story.

If Steve doesn't win, does he go back to the school board and do the bare minimum because he lost?

If Steve wins, does Gary Davis start his real agenda?

If Nancy wins, does Gary start to freak out and start kissing up to her?

Anybody have some thoughts?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 14 October, 2014 22:15 or Olbap

Your analogy with the problem car is a bit off. If you dig a bit deeper, you would have found out how much Steve Ly and his two new trustee colleagues have achieved in the short amount of time they have been on the the school board.

In short, the district is improving and there will be fresh faces to move the district forward to becoming a top tier school district in the nation.

In what would be a better analogy is that Steve is a ER doctor, the opportunity was there for him to step in and stop the bleeding and chaos. Indeed, Steve and his two colleagues did just that! They stopped the bleeding and sutured the wounds, now it is in recovery mode and will be healthy shortly.

From this analogy, the city of Elk Grove needs this particular type of ER doctors to stop the chaos and help set in motion the road to recovery and move in a healthy direction. That is precisely what Elk Grove need at this time.

Mainstreet GOP Dude said...

Anon 23:36,

Which campaign wrote this? From my perspective is it filled with the cliches that Mayor Davis likes to use.

Regardless, to say that Steve Ly is like an ER doctor is overstating his, and the two other gentlemen's contributions, such as they are, to the EGUSD.

The reason the schools, Elk Grove and other districts statewide, have stabilized is simply because California voters approved Prop 30 in 2012. Had Prop 30 not passed, there is a very good chance school district would still be in turmoil.

Anonymous said...

To Mainstreet GOP Dude:

You are absolutely correct that Prop 30 saved the schools financially! Without Prop 30, every school district would be in trouble today. Having said that, many district employees would disagreed with you as well. The board has implemented many strategic initiatives that will bear fruit down the road. Parental and community involvement in the school district affairs has never been stronger and it appears to be getting better in the long run.

Prop 30 was a godsend, however, I believe in giving credit where credit is due, but to say that Steve Ly failed as a school board member is just disingenuous and full of external motives.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08,

Can you be more specific. What are some of the strategic initiatives that have been implemented?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:36

I might also ask...why do many of the the teachers want him out..incompetent?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 15 October, 2014 08:36

Directly from the FB of Trustee Carmine Forcina, I believe it is best summarized by his statement of:
"inclusion, diversity and accountability." - Read quotes below:

However, some of the strategic initiatives are directly from the district's website:

Attendance Campaign
Character Education
Digital Citizenship
Digital Education
Energy Conservation
Service Learning
Time of Remembrance

From Trustee Forcina's FB, "Today we are closer to a new beginning than we were yesterday. Looking forward to our new Superintendent's first day and the results of the November election to fill the Trustee Area 2 position on the Board. Bobbie Singh-Allen and Beth Albiani are running unopposed and will both serve admirably. EGUSD will continue to shine and show it's appreciation for inclusion, diversity and accountability. We will embrace those willing to take risks to further the education of our children. Our focus will be clear and understood by all. I consider my service a privilege."

Anonymous said...

What is so special about the list below?

When I was in school and college in the 50's and 60's, these were part of the curriculum, and of course we didn't have digital, but we had a/v club, radio classes, shop, vocational education and yes, home economics.

Nothing special here - this is the regular job!

Attendance Campaign
Character Education
Digital Citizenship
Digital Education
Energy Conservation
Service Learning
Time of Remembrance

Please tell me what is so groundbreaking. This is laughable. Do they even start the day with the pledge of allegiance anymore? Bring that back - that would be something to crow about!

Anonymous said...

These comment are hilarious and it's being written by no more then a hand full of people who keeps coming back to preach. Bottom line is Nancy was part of a system that screw up Elk Grove. Nancy you had your chance and blew it now leave.

Anonymous said...

Those posts about the 'lofty' goals of the school board cracka me up. Those generic descriptors about education have been used for DECADES! Nothing new here - except hyperbole.

Anyone who has been in education jokes about how the 'same old, same old' keeps coming back, recycled concepts, sometimes under a new name, maybe a new acronym.

New administrators and school board members, same old and still very worthy goals for our schools.

Character ed? been there for decades
Accountability - always
Diversity & inclusion? been striving for that for many years

Still laughing!
That Twitter post was too funny, way to pat yourself on the back :) and put it out there for the public.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about Mr. Ly's political contributions. His 460's shows less than 10% of his money (collected this past reporting period) is Elk Grove money. 90+% is from out of the area; and out of the state. Most donors have last name that seem to be ethnic (Hmong). Very, very few who listed their employment are from EGUSD. In fact, I think there were only two. There were a few from Sac Unified School District. So, why so little local support? Why (it seems) did Mr. Ly get a huge influx of "Hmong" money? Was some "national call" for money to Hmong communities go out? I don't believe Mr. Ly has shown by his actions that he is deserving of my it seems he is seeking out money to purchase plants to convince the lazy and/or complacent voter to vote for him. I believe Mr. Ly's attendance at EGUSB meetings have been minimal at best. I know he attends very few city council meetings. He clearly has no idea on many topics are evidenced by the forum. I go to most meetings and I have never seen him there...he may have attended on nights I did not go...but over the past 3-4 years, I have missed only a handful of meetings. So, in my book, Mr. Ly is just a flash in the pants. I must agree I think he loves the limelight, but short on doing. He and Detrick will have to fight for the microphone :) and the combination of Davis/Ly will ultimately control this council to the public's demise. We do not need a Davis (or anyone) clone. We need a true leader; a reasonable, intelligent, articulate, honest councilmember. Since most of these traits are already missing from our existing council, it seems unreasonable that Mr. Ly will be held to any other standard but mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Wow, folks, can you just feel the desperation from the Chaires camp? Someone is working overtime to derail something, anything, but amigo, the jig is up - it will be all downhill from here on out.

Since Steve's commitment has come into question, let's address it. You wanna talk about commitment? Commitment is about being married to the same woman for 20 years. Commitment is about working with some of the roughest kids, the kind of kids that society dismisses, the ones who will end up in our jails and NOT giving up on them. Commitment is about helping these kids from getting lost and come back to becoming productive citizens. That is REAL commitment.

Anonymous said...

Just write in Jeff Owen and see how the CC should be run.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 14:04.
YOU ARE KIDDING, CORRECT?? What does having been married for 20 have to do with anything at all remotely concerning a city council seat???

Working with KDIS???? What are you now professing that Steve Ly has ever stepped into a classroom?

Look, I am not a Nancy fan. I believe she had her chance and lost it when she let the developers control her votes. For that is very evident in her votes regarding many projects.

No on LY; no on Nancy; would like to think a novice like Jiminez couldn't screw things up any worst than it already least his screw ups would be due to lack of knowledge; not out of loyalty to a developer or to the mayor. The mayor is such a dope..first he backed Nancy then when she didn't vote his way, he dumped her and went after Ly...hell the mayor would have gone after my dog if he were running. The mayor has lost all credibility on the council and is looking for at least one stupid person who he can count on to "have his back." Could this person be Ly???? I suspect so.

Writing in Jeff and Lynn. Can't hurt and I can sleep at nights.

Anonymous said...

So where is the blame on Pat Hume for Elk Grove being in such a mess when casting blame on the voting records of planning commissioners? Hume was on the Elk Grove Planning Commission since incorporation and then onto the council since 2006.

Hume is running unopposed and no one is saying a word about his clear responsibility here?

Why is Hume getting a pass? Why is no one advocating for a write-m candidate for District 2?

Anonymous said... does marriage equate to holding a position of fiduciary trust, integrity, and knowing how the city works? GREAT, glad they have a long marriage..doesn't mean it's a happy or productive marriage. But I digress...If Mr Gary Jones wants to run to council and lives in this district, great. Otherwise, you are muddying up the waters. Tell me succinctly the purpose of "gifts" to the voting public?? Let's not talk about HUME...that is simply a "look over there" technique so that you can swing the conversation in another direction. Ly is not committed to this city; he rarely attends council meetings (us regulars know that); has no idea what SEPA is; has no the pros/cons of the SOI...he simply is there to hold the shoes of Mayor Davis and by the looks of it...will be just fat and happy doing so. He is being sold out by Davis and is too stupid to know it....or can accept it. Either way, write in Owens and Wheat.

Anonymous said... does marriage equate to holding a position of fiduciary trust, integrity, and knowing how the city works? GREAT, glad they have a long marriage..doesn't mean it's a happy or productive marriage. But I digress...If Mr Gary Jones wants to run to council and lives in this district, great. Otherwise, you are muddying up the waters. Tell me succinctly the purpose of "gifts" to the voting public?? Let's not talk about HUME...that is simply a "look over there" technique so that you can swing the conversation in another direction. Ly is not committed to this city; he rarely attends council meetings (us regulars know that); has no idea what SEPA is; has no the pros/cons of the SOI...he simply is there to hold the shoes of Mayor Davis and by the looks of it...will be just fat and happy doing so. He is being sold out by Davis and is too stupid to know it....or can accept it. Either way, write in Owens and Wheat.

Anonymous said...

Help me. I live in Hume's district who is unopposed in this election.

I strongly do NOT support Hume, the most deeply in cahoots with developers of all the council members, because he is a developer himself, from a long heritage of developers in Elk Grove.

Anyway, I will not put my mark next to Hume's name on my ballot and would like the name of someone to write in - if only for the sake of a symbolic gesture of NON-support.

Any suggestions of citizen-activists, non-SOI, who I could write in for my district???


Southside Betty said...

Lynn Wheat lives in Dist 2, Hume's district. Go for it!

Doc Souza said...

Why are so many commenters on here anonymous? Are they afraid to use their real names?

Anonymous said...

I like to stay anonymous because I like to spread incorrect formation and claim I that I'm a super Elk Grove citizen who attends city council meetings often.

Anonymous said...

@Doc. Although I haven't posted on this specific topic I like to post as anonymous so I don't burn any bridges.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc..
go back to your own blog and leave us alone. Doesn't your blog allow anonymous posters?? Most have made up "handles" and unless "you're in the know" they are just as anonymous as anonymous here. Let's keep this on point, shall we.

An to anonymous who wishes to vote against Hume, Lynn Wheat is a District 2 citizen who ran last time against Hume but would not accept any monetary donations....hence, she didn't knock him off his pedestal. Lynn is against the SOI; against developer money, yes on light rail, no on re-zones.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to plants, potholders and votes. I find giving me anything to try to persuade me to vote one way or another is shameful. Yes, it's only a plant. But the message it sends sticks in my throat. If anyone comes to my door with anything other than a flyer or handout, I will tell them my vote is not for sale and close the door. I find it un-American to try to buy my vote. That's how I see it.

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