Applications for Elk Grove City Council District 1 Vacancy Now Available

November 14, 2014 | With yesterday's resignation of former Vice Mayor Jim Cooper, the Elk Grove City Council is now accepting app...

November 14, 2014 |

With yesterday's resignation of former Vice Mayor Jim Cooper, the Elk Grove City Council is now accepting applications to fill the District 1 vacancy.

Cooper, who was recently elected to the California State Assembly Ninth District seat, vacated the seat yesterday so the city council could fill it prior to their next regular meeting on December 10. At Wednesday night's meeting, the city council decided to accept applications from qualified residents in District 1 and make an appointment at a special meeting tentatively scheduled for December 3.

District 1 residents meeting the qualifications are invited to submit their applications by 5 p.m on Wednesday, November 26. 

In addition to Darren Suen, one other District 1 resident has indicated their interest in the vacancy. That person is Donna Cox, a Sergeant in command of the K9 unit with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Department. 

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We know that Darren Suen monitors this blog, he has posted under his own name before. Will he pledge to not run for the seat if he is appointed?

Anonymous said...

Why would you ask that of someone that would consider volunteering to serve on the council and serve the people of Elk Grove? If anyone gets appointed in the process, we have 2 years of real work and voting record to see if we want to re-elect them or not.

The school board has appointed and had those appointees run for re-election. Some have won and some have lost. There are no guarantees.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above regarding not running again in 2016. If appointed, you basically get a foothold on the office and you are most certainly assured of a seat in 2016. Vowing not to run again was a major point of contention when Trigg was appointed. In fact, it was a major stumbling point during the entire process. If it was important then, why not now? If Suen wants to do his civic duty to fill a void, great. But then be ready to step aside and let an election process happen where each person is on a level playing field. Having a two year head start on the developer money doesn't equate to "equal". By that time, your bread is buttered.
So Suen....whatta say? Two years and out? If not, the fix must be in.

SteveB6509 said...

I do not agree with requesting a pledge to not run. TO get someone who is engaged, we need someone who is interested in the position and yes, that may mean they will want to run again.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting....I just now received a notice from the City about this Appointment for District 1 this morning with a November 17th date. It would seem to me the City has failed in this being Noticed timely and the process should be declared null and void.

Bob L said...

Business as usual. Jason Lindgren City Clerk should be notified immediately. He's about the only person in this city that seems trustworthy and honest.

He'll look into this being noticed properly.

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