Mayor to Consider Appointments to Various Elk Grove Commissions, Committees

November 12, 2014 | At tonight's Elk Grove City Council Meeting, the status of various appointments to the city's array of ...

November 12, 2014 |

At tonight's Elk Grove City Council Meeting, the status of various appointments to the city's array of commissions and committees will be discussed.

Since 2012, when Elk Grove voters approved the direct election of the mayor, the authority of making appointment has rested with that position. According to the staff report on the matter, with a few exceptions, the terms on all the appointments expire next month.

Although Mayor Gary Davis makes the appointments, the council must concur. When Davis tried to remove Planning Commissioner Frank Maita in January, 2013 and replace him with former Elk Grove City Council Member Sophia Scherman, council members Steve Detrick and Jim Cooper objected.

Along with this, the council will discuss the options available to them to fill the coming District 1 vacancy when Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim Cooper vacates his seat. Cooper was elected to the California State Assembly and will be sworn-in on December 1.

Tonight's meeting starts at 6 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

Did get another chuckle out of the Maita item...that's our Mayor!!

I do have a hugh problem with the $500,000 we have been told would be the cost for a special election for Coopers replacement. The article below was in the SacBee yesterday and quoted a cost of $200,000. That's a hugh difference in what we are being told by the city....why is that? Regardless of the cost, IMO a replacement should be made through a special election. Perhaps Mr. Cooper could bear some of the costs...seems only fair. Sorry...just don't trust our electeds after the last fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Question on everyone's mind is does Gary replace Nancy on the planning commission? Does Nancy even apply to continue? Or Does Gary extend an olive branch after Ly crushed Nancy on election day?

Anonymous said...

Not thinking Davis will touch the Planning Commission again...except maybe to give them a warning on how to vote. He's such a woss, easier to just ignore him and hope he'll finally take Grace's Coffee International and leave EG.

Sarah said...

Well looks like Nancy Chaires is going to the chopping block after her horrendous failed attempt to secure the District 4 seat for a second time. Mayor Davis has clearly denounce his ties with Nancy publicly in the sacbee ( I really feel sorry for her, she would had made a sub-par council-women.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chaires is much too intelligent to rake anyone over the coals. Someone probably should have raked the whole city council over the coals for their decision on Mr. Trigg. I think it was unprofessional of our Mayor to make such a comment to the media anyway. The man needs to have a few lessons on PROFESSIONALISM...acts like some country boy.

Doug said...

I have to agree with Anon 9:35. It's pretty well known that Davis pressures the planning commissioners to vote on items before them (see Silverado project, where all changed their votes, although no substantial changes were made to the project as requested).

Why even have a planning commission if they are led around like puppets serving at the mayor's pleasure or run the risk of being replaced.

C. Duarte said...

As a non-casual observer, and complete speculation on my part, I suspicion that Davis is going to make a run at Hume to take him off the Connector Board. Hume has been on there from day one and with the rampant future development that will occur with the SOI (it's gonna happen folks), completion of the connector, mall etc., that position is ripe for developer contribution $$$.

Remember, Davis said "he" needed Ly on the council...not the voters, but Davis himself. I'm pretty sure Davis resents Hume's many attempts, and successes, at controlling the council. With Ly voting with Davis he probably feels pretty confident that he can shut Hume down. Good luck with that.

Hold on to your seat folks. Here come revenue bonds, increased sales tax, etc. Not a Hume fan for many reasons, I think he's the residents only hope.

And Davis won't be taken Grace Coffee international if he runs that business the way he's attempting to run the city.

Anonymous said...

Neither of the links mentioned above works any longer. What did the Mayor say about Ms. Chaires? She has volunteered on the planning commission for many years and has shown she is at least engaged and educated about the project. Mayor Davis is rarely as prepared as Chaires. Perhaps Davis is scared of Chaires for whatever she attempts to do down the road might disrupt Davis's plans?

Interesting idea about replacing Pat Hume on the connector. For good or bad, Pat has met with landowners multiple times and really knows this project. Look,if there is developer money to be made, there is plenty for both Pat and Davis to share. Paying them off is just "the cost of doing business" for developers. That connector and SOI are going through and untold number of developers are panting waiting to get a piece of it. It will make no difference if that person is Hume or Davis. Both greedy; just different faces.

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:36 Try this......

Opinion: A Politician looking out for taxpayers.....

Endorsement: Chaires can step in quickly in Elk Grove

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when the Elk Grove City Council was very territorial about their respective boards and commissions, Gary Davis wanted Jim Cooper’s seat on SACOG. Davis came loaded with his reasoning and won out.

The rationale was to give others the experience on that board/commission in case a council member left the council. So it was decided, by council unanimous consensus, that if any one council member wanted a new appointment and the current council member had been on that board/commission for over two years, the council member would willingly give it up; no questions or objections. Cooper than spoke up and took Scherman’s spot on San Board, much to her chagrin.

Pat Hume has been on the Southeast Connector JPA since its inception; over seven years. It is time for him to rotate out. Hume will go kicking and screaming; so will he strike up a deal with Davis to stay put? Hume’s supporters have too much to lose if he is replaced on that board.

And would Davis be that vindictive to try and replace Nancy Chaires simply because she dared to run for city council? If so, then George Murphey would have to go as well. And remember Murphey is Davis' appointment to the planning commission.

So we shall see!

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