Familiar Names Among 12 Applicants Seeking to Fill EGUSD Trustee Vacancy

January 15, 2015 |

The Elk Grove Unified School District received applications from 12 individuals seeking to fill a vacancy on the board of trustees.

The vacancy for the District 6 seat was created when former trustee Steve Ly was elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2014. Ly, who was half-way through his first four-year term on the board resigned last month just prior to taking his oath for the District 4 seat of the city council.

Below is a list of the 12 applicants who will screened by a sub-committee of the trustees prior to the selection of those finalists who will be interviewed by the full board.
  •        George Brown Jr.                                            
  •       Nancy Chaires Espinoza                                
  •       Lance K. Fang                                                    
  •      Sophia Gonzales Scherman                        
  •      Marlon E. Hill                                                     
  •      Khan Munir                                                       
  •      Nichole Muñoz-Murillo                                
  •      LaWanna Montgomery                                
  •      Jacob Rambo                                                    
  •      Nayyar Sarfaraz                                                               
  •      Greg Stinson    
  •      Todd Watson                                                
Among the familiar names are former Elk Grove City Council Member Sophia Scherman and current Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and former Elk Grove City Council candidate Nancy Chaires, Also vying for the position are former Elk Grove City Council candidates LaWanna Montgomery and Nayyar Sarfaraz. Montgomery challenged former City Council Member Jim Cooper for the District 1 seat in 2008 and 2012 while Sarfaraz, along with Chaires, was one of four candidates in the November race for the District 4 seat.

Another person seeking re-appointment is Jake Rambo. Rambo was appointed to the District 6 trustee seat in 2010 but was defeated in 2012 by Steve Ly.

Other candidates included George Brown, field organizer for SEIU Local 1000; Lance Fang, business consultant; Marlon Hill, information technologist, Office of Legislative Counsel; Munir Khan, tax auditor, Employment Development Department; Nichole Muñoz-Murillo, legislative advocate, California State University; Greg Stinson, transportation supervisor, Regional Transit; and Todd Watson, area manager, AT&T.      

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Anonymous said...

Great group, but its better to let the voters choose their representative.

Hint: File for special election for Suen and this new appointee and you will get a 2 for 1 deal at the Voters office.

Anonymous said...

It's not that surprising of a list, a good many of these people have clear visions of a career in politics. Two biggest entry positions into that world are City Council and School Board. It's like a mad dash to the last seat in a game of musical chairs.

There's a few names on this list that need to come to terms that the public has spoken and you're not what we want (cough! LaWanna. Nancy, poor Nancy come on you let Steve beat you for the council seat it looks kind of weak and desperate looking that you're now vying for an appointment to his old seat. Focus on the prize - Mayor - regroup, build on your strong base of supporters, begin to set your vision.

Stop with the appointments, it goes against democracy, it invites backdoor politics and weakens our governing boards.

The more you pay attention to local politics it's amazing how transparent everything is and limited the actual qualified candidates actually are

Anonymous said...


And the voters have passed on multiple people on this list:

Nancy - Might want to give it some time and regroup before throwing your hat back in. Agree, this is total desperation to maintain that 20 year plan. Accept it, its been derailed.

LaWanna - How many times can the voters say NO?

Jake Rambo - Doesn't the landslide defeat give you a hint?

Nayyar Sarfaraz - Volunteer some more and get a little more seasoned.

Sophia - It's time to utilize that senior center you fought so hard for.

All the others should really think about a special election.

Florin Elementary Parent said...

I'd like to see my 3rd grader from Florin Elementary School on this list too. She would probably get more votes in an election.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is time to STOP this 'appointment habit' in our city for 'elected' positions.

That said, Jake Rambo is a really solid choice and should get the spot -if appointment there be.

Our city has been snookered twice by Steve Ly.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like or dislike that kid Steve Ly, he can win elections with pennies from his lowly Hmong community. Give him some dollars and lets see what else he can win.

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