Free Coffee, Traffic at Elk Grove Dutch Bros. Grand Opening

UPDATED 8:30 a.m. February 19, 2015 | When Dutch Brothers opens their first location in Elk Grove today next Thursday , customers w...

UPDATED 8:30 a.m.

February 19, 2015 |

When Dutch Brothers opens their first location in Elk Grove today next Thursday, customers will be treated to a free 16-ounce drink of their choice. And, Elk Grove Police say, expect some heavy traffic in the area.

The new drive-thru coffee store located on the southwest corner of Elk Grove Boulevard and East Stockton Boulevard will be giving away free drinks for 24-hours starting at 5 a.m. Thursday. The offer is expected to be so popular that the Elk Grove Police Department has already issued a traffic advisory.

Eastbound traffic on Elk Grove Boulevard near East Stockton Boulevard heading towards the northbound 99 on-ramp is expected to be the most affected area. Police will be monitoring traffic throughout the 24-hour period and  are advising drivers to use the Laguna-Bond Road on-ramps to 99 as an alternative.

The Elk Grove location will be the eighth store in the Sacramento area for the rapidly expanding Grants Pass, Oregon-based company. In addition to California, Dutch Brothers operates 200 stores in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

More stores are planned in Elk Grove by area franchisee Kyle Garrett, including another one on the city's east side. 


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George Burns said...

Say "Goodnight," Grace. (Coffee Roasters)

Anonymous said...

Why did the Planning Department approve a drive in coffee shop at that location?

The traffic will be horrible with patrons trying to merge into the flow of traffic that is headed towards the northbound 99 onramp.

Guess the city should have allowed a 100 foot high illuminated sign instead.

Elk Grove, the city that knows how.


Anonymous said...

More Elk Grove traffic issues:

Inadequate east west boulevards to handle the sprawl.

Way too many houses and high density low income housing projects which result in masses of speeding maniacs.

No turn in and turn out lanes into major shopping centers.

No turn in and turn out lanes to/ from major boulevards from intersecting streets.

Traffic signals that aren't synchronized resulting in people racing make the next light.

Redlight cameras that cause people to slam on the brakes to avoid driving through on a yellow which results in rear end collisions.

Now this. a very popular coffee shop that is surrounded by traffic headed towards the 99 onramp. No way for patrons to head north other than to speed into the shopping center on the east side of the street.

John R. Hull said...

Traffic Alert - Thursday evening:
If you want to turn northbound on Highway 99 from eastbound Elk Grove Blvd, forget it. The line is too long at the new coffee place.
Those who really do want to take the big loop onramp will be greatly delayed by the free drinkers.

Arthur Flegenheimer said...

There is a precedent to the drive-through nonsense at the new Dutch Mafia coffeehouse.
It's the Beat Corporate Coffee drive-through run by our own Mayor Gary Davis.
Granted, that coffee drive-through has been there for years, but has never seen much traffic, and has no indoor/outdoor seating.
Frustrated drivers were performing illegal U-turns at the Big Lots store.
I used to think that city planners had the best interests of citizens in mind.
What a fantasy!

Elk Grove News said...

For what it is worth, enjoyed a free mocha this morning after waiting about seven minutes in the drive-thru. Being an early riser has its advantages.

If nothing else, Dutch Bros. is a case study in using social media to get their word out. Aside from having a person monitor Twitter and Facebook, as far as I can tell they did not pay for any sort of advertisement. Of course they did give out an ocean of free drinks which is a direct marketing cost. But the publicity they generated seems to be worth the costs.

Anonymous said...

It was a one day inconvenience and what great publicity...seemed worth it to me.

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