Videos of Elk Grove City Council's Special 'Retreat' Meeting

March 8, 2015 | On Wednesday, March 4, the Elk Grove City Council held an off-site special meeting. The meeting was held at The F...

March 8, 2015 |

On Wednesday, March 4, the Elk Grove City Council held an off-site special meeting.

The meeting was held at The Falls event Center in Elk Grove. The special meeting, dubbed a retreat, was designed for the city council to discuss long term planning and develop two year priorities for the city.

Below are the video recordings of the meeting.

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HR Nightmare said...

Comments have been so focused on the “two year” goal of the council thinking they can take over CSD Parks and Recreation Department that other "wants" have been not brought up. By the way, has anyone asked the CSD how they feel this goal?

But what about Gary Davis and Steve Ly saying they now need full-time assistants? We have a part-time council that legally can only make $800 a month. Why does a part-time job need a full-time assistant? And frankly, what is that they need that the current city staff couldn’t accommodate? We are top heavy with staff in city manager’s office as it is with very nice salaries to boot.

And can you imagine the moral issues if these assistants reported directly to the respective council member and not the city manager which probably would be the case. It’s not Laura Gill that concerns me, it is all the other employees under her controlling thumb while these council assistants won’t have to answer to her. (But then again, maybe one of these assistants, if it happens, will report out what really is going on at city hall when the council isn't present since the city manager has them all completely fooled that everything is happy happy joy joy at city hall.)

Candidates for city council should be fully aware of what is expected from them when they run for office. If they cannot fulfill their duties because of other obligations, then it is time for them to leave office.

Anonymous said...

first of all, what crazy person thought this room was a great idea to hold a public meeting. I see some public members trying to squeeze in behind seated council members. Clearly, the moderator or city was hoping no citizens would attend.
Next...these raises..didn't they get raises in 2012?? and now, they want up to 10% more in 2016. State, Federal, county workers are just now neogiating a 1-2% raise after the great depression, er, recession. What makes this part time council feel they merit 10% more??? I don't know any local employee handing out 10% raise; especially if they just got a raise in 2012. GREEDY bastards. If they spend too much time at campaign fundraisers or glad handing for votes, then just resign. Too much for you? Find the front door? It doesn't surprise me that Detrick started this money thing...he is so damn greedy it makes me sick...he never used to be that way, but politics is a money driven proposition and the more money the better....such a sad situation.

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