Helicopter Search Unable to Locate Person Suspected of Firing Gun in Elk Grove Fight

April 27, 2015 | A fight near an Elk Grove pizzeria led to a shooting last night in Elk Grove. According to Elk Grove Police, two...

April 27, 2015 |

A fight near an Elk Grove pizzeria led to a shooting last night in Elk Grove.

According to Elk Grove Police, two men were involved in a fight near the Lampost Pizza on Laguna Boulevard around 7:30. A third person began shooting at one of the individuals involved in the fight.

The person who was targeted fled on foot westbound on Laguna Boulevard while the two suspects fled north towards Tegan Road. Police officers were unable to locate either the suspects or the victim even though they were assisted by a law enforcement helicopter in the search efforts. 

Two buildings near the shooting were struck by gunfire. No physical descriptions of any of the parties were provided.   

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Anonymous said...

"When seconds count, cops are just minutes away."

Anonymous said...

i thought yall had more bite then eg citizen - they provied a description of those involved

Elk Grove News said...

As a service to our readers and the community, here is the story posted on the Citizen as referenced by anonymous at 21:21.


Anonymous said...


Keep building more houses and high density low income housing projects and Elk Grove will become south Sacramento south or North Stockton north.


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the media is exploiting Lampost Pizza by using it’s business name as a reference to where the shooting occurred. Why not say Safeway Shopping Center or just give the address? Lampost has prided itself on hosting families and sports teams for many years. I saw a bunch of kids in baseball uniforms playing outside on their patio just the night before. It was nice to see. Now the media is trying to scare away business. Crime can happen anywhere. SO the problem I really have is why didn’t Elk Grove PD notify residents in that area that they did NOT locate the suspect(s) until the next morning? The speaker on the helicopter that hovered over my house for close to a ½ hour, asking residents to stay inside and lock their doors and windows described an armed suspect. They did not mention that they were looking for 2-3 people! And then after all that time, the search just stopped. And we were all left wondering…did they find them? My husband works nights a lot and if this would have been one of those evenings where he would have had to leave after all of that, I would have felt a lot of unease. Plus, I live on the street adjacent to the Safeway Shopping Center and Tegan Road. I did not see one single squad car go down our street. There is also a Day Care Facility on Tegan Rd. What kind of measures were taken to insure it was safe for kids arrive there on Monday morning? Elk Grove PD, can you provide ours neighborhood with some reassurance for the next time this happens…because it wasn’t the first time…and I doubt it will the last.

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