Elk Grove City Council Member Subject of Another FPPC Investigation

May 26, 2015 | The California Fair Political Practices Commission has confirmed they will be conducting an investigation into campaig...

May 26, 2015 |

The California Fair Political Practices Commission has confirmed they will be conducting an investigation into campaign financing irregularities of a current member of the Elk Grove City Council.

The investigation, which was initiated following an anonymously filed complaint, will determine if Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick improperly used campaign funds for personal use. Specifically, the complaint will investigate if Detrick illegally used $4,700 from his campaign funds to pay legal fees for his son Brian Detrick. 

In a letter to Detrick's attorney Steve Churchwell of the Sacramento-based law firm Churchwell White, the FPPC said an investigation was being initiated under its personal use of campaign funds statute. The letter specifically focuses on payments Detrick's committee paid to the Sacramento-based law firm Boutin Jones  between July 1 and December 31, 2014.

The investigation represents the second investigation into Detrick's payments to Boutin Jones for a lawsuit that was pursued, and ultimately concluded with a mutual settlement, by his son against community activist Connie Conley. Last year Detrick was fined $3,500 in FPPC case 14/130 after he was found to have illegally paid Boutin Jones $93,500 for his son's legal fees.

This case represents the third investigation into Detrick's campaign finances stemming from four complaints filed against the second-term Elk Grove City Council Member. In the previous cases, 14/130 and 13/195, the FPPC found  Detrick illegally used campaign funds for personal use.

In case 14/130, Detrick's fine was lowered after he stated that he personally repaid his committee $93,500. A subsequent investigation by the FPPC found that even though Detrick had not repaid the $93,500 as he attested to in the stipulation agreement, they were unable to compel him to repay his committee.  

The FPPC did not say when they expect this current investigation to be completed.

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Doc Bricker said...

"If you don't think I'm doing a good job, then vote me out"
Steve Detrick, 2014

"I've been in public service for 40 years"
Steve Detrick, 2015

Anonymous said...

Our city leaders continue to bring shames on us, the citizens of this city.

Anonymous said...

This place is becoming a big joke.

Why don't they pitch this to the producers of a reality TV show?

You could call the show "Low Times in the High Times".

"It's High Time to visit Elk Grove.

Our city's motto is "It's Grow Time".

How about bringing light industrial and office jobs to Elk Grove instead of more houses, low income housing projects and strip centers?

Miles and miles of houses thrown up during the start of a historically severe drought.

Thousands of low income housing projects to serve residents who have low paying retail and food service jobs.

Garish billboard signs to further glamorize this steaming dumpster fire of a city.

Naomi said...

My God, when is enough, enough? Really?

And we still don't hear from the accused? This man needs to do himself a favor and resign. How embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove has become the city of "Easy Pickins" and the vultures will be or are circling. Could even be a new version of Gone With The Wind.

Does this city not have a Code of Ethics?

Anonymous said...

This place is a flat boring sprawling mess and is quickly becoming south Sacramento South.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that FPPC Insider hasn't resurfaced with the so-called evidence that he/she has in their possession. Now with another complaint being investigated, you would think if she/her has vindication proof, they would release it to the public.

So more and more lies? Oh what a tangled web!

Dennis Hastert said...

His silence is deafening!

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to Hastert's indictment on multiple charges??? Drawing a parallel???

The Justice Department on Thursday indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R) on multiple charges, including lying to the FBI and illegally transferring millions to victims of prior bad acts.

Anonymous said...

The saga continues and this man has really disappointed us. I would like to hear from him about all these allegations. You know the adage, where there is smoke...... It seems to me there are just too many instances of bad judgment, poor communication and questionable decisions for some of them to be true and accurate. His reasonings/explanation would help ease the feelings of distrust and disrespect he has shown the position, the city and us, the citizens. Mr Detrick, why haven't you provided your side of this story. If you made mistakes, own up. If these accusations are false, then lets see the proof. The clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

Podunk city run by a bunch of hicks.

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