Elk Grove Gun Shop Targeted by Protesters After Flying Confederate Flag

July 3, 2015 | Even though an Elk Grove gun shop decided to move a Confederate flag to the interior of their business, a planned protes...

July 3, 2015 |

Even though an Elk Grove gun shop decided to move a Confederate flag to the interior of their business, a planned protest took place this morning in Elk Grove.

The protest, which was organized by a group of local activist affiliated with Black Lives Matter (BLM), was staged at Wild Bill's Gun Shop on Grant Line Road  and Stockton Boulevard after that business decided to fly the Confederate flag in the immediate aftermath of a shooting at a Black church in Charleston, SC that left nine people dead.

Organizing the protest was Tanya Faison who led about three dozen people in various chants decrying, among other things, the public display of Confederate flag at the Elk Grove business. Faison noted that following the public outcry, and after speaking to a minister of a Black church, the gun shop owners decided to move the flag to the inside of the business.
BLM protester Me (left) engage in a pointed by civil debate
with Mike (right) on the Confederate flag and freedom of speech.

"We are not accepting this in our city, in our county," Faison said. "Sacramento doesn't do this, California doesn't do this. It has nothing to do with our state."

Also appearing as a counter protest in support of the business were two middle-age men in white shirts and American flag-style ties who were advocating for free speech. One person from the BLM protest who identified himself as Me engaged one of the counter protesters who identified himself as Mike in a pointed, but civil debate on each side's position. 

The other member of the counter-protest was Elk Grove resident Mike Lopes who said he came to show support for the business and their free speech rights. 

"I am tired of seeing the American constitution being trampled," he said. "We support their right to display the flag."

Wild Bill's Gun Shop spokesperson Jacob Shockley said the demonstration was ridiculous, but acknowledged their right to protest. 

"It's their right. They can stay out there as long they remain peaceful and don't block our entrance," Shockley said.

Shockley said the Confederate flag was brought in because they knew the protest was going to happen and to keep things calm. As for future display of the flag, Shockley said they will continue displaying it inside the business, but have not decided if it will move back outdoors.  

This protest drew participants from a wide area including Bay Area resident Maurice X who noted the difference between the American flag and what he called the rebel flag in the context of the Civil War. He said the display of the Confederate flag could be considered treasonous and the gun shop owners were trying to bait the community. 

"They want to try to identify with the rebel flag when they don't know anything about it," X said."The rebel flag was in the direct opposition to the American flag."  


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Anonymous said...

Found this elsewhere....a good read


Anonymous said...

That is a great article. As a business owner I have always thought that I should be careful about voicing my political thoughts and opinions. You are your business in the eyes of the masses.

I am a big supporter of free speech -- and of people being allowed to say and do things that I disagree with -- but the masses aren’t often on board with that philosophy. So, even when you have a strong feeling about politics, weigh the risks and rewards of sharing those feelings carefully before you do so. Your message may be misinterpreted. You made your first statement by hanging the flag outside and seem to have had second thoughts and moved it inside. IMO that did not erase your first actions.

Anonymous said...

Sad part about this is those BLM/Insite Insight protesters resorted to threats of violence on those who attended.Also threatend violence on the employees and damage to their building. It seems like they are THUGS not peaceful protesters. Most of them are so call Teacher for UC Davis.

Anonymous said...

The caption under the picture is not correct. That BLM protester was mostly saying F-U, F-your opinions and F-off. Once again it's all about being PC not reporting facts.

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