Elk Grove Council Member Suen Raises Modest Amount in First Reporting Period

August 4, 2015 | During his first full reporting period as an Elk Grove Grove Council Member, Darren Suen raised a modest amount of...

August 4, 2015 |

During his first full reporting period as an Elk Grove Grove Council Member, Darren Suen raised a modest amount of cash towards his first campaign coming in 2016.

According to documents filed yesterday with the Elk Grove City Clerk's officer, for the six month period ending June 30, the first term council member raised $1,199. The donations came from an undisclosed number of contributors.

Suen received two $100 donations from former Sacramento County Supervisor Jimmie Yee and Jane Yee. Additionally, Suen received an undisclosed number of individual cash donations of less than $100 totaling $999.

Appointed in December 2014 to the District 1 seat vacated when former Elk Grove City Council Member Jim Cooper was elected to the California State Assembly, Suen recently geared-up fundraising efforts. With the help of Region Builders, Suen held a reportedly well-attended fundraising event last month populated by several residential real estate developers doing, or hoping to do business, in Elk Grove. 

The results of that fundraiser will not be known until Suen's next filing which will be disclosed in early February, 2016. Earlier this year Region Builder's helped organize a fundraiser for Suen's colleague Steve Ly that helped the council's other new member amass a campaign warchest in excess of $35,000.


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Builder Bob said...

As a new Council member, he's on "probation" by Region Builders so that they can observe his voting habits. No worries, they've got their people in place where they need them throughout the region.

Anonymous said...

I am not speaking of this fundraiser in particular, but all in the past year or so. Seven or eight years ago I remember attending these Fundraisers, seeing all our neighbors and friends and mixing with the builders and developers. They were in my eyes a great community builder. Now it seems the two have become separate enties. I'm sure there are many reasons for this....but the big losers are the taxpayers of this fine city who have lost a voice in the decision making process. Have to lay a big part at the feet of our electeds. JMHO

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