Poll Shows Slim Majority Support Reduced Speed, Removal of Red Light Cameras in Elk Grove

September 9, 2015 | Results of a poll closed earlier this afternoon on Elk Grove News showed mixed reactions to a proposal that will...

September 9, 2015 |

Results of a poll closed earlier this afternoon on Elk Grove News showed mixed reactions to a proposal that will be heard by the Elk Grove City Council that would lower speed limits on several streets in the city.

Below are the questions and the results of the unscientific poll that was conducted over a five day period. There were 39 respondents to the poll.
  • I support lower speed limits - it will make our streets safer for bicyclist, pedestrians, other motorist etc. 9/39 - 23 %
  • No, I think speed limits and current safety conditions are adequate 13/39 - 33%
  • No, I think the city is trying to pull over more people and possibly generate more fees from tickets 5/39 - 13%
  • I would support this on the condition they remove the red light cameras currently in use throughout the city 12/39 - 30%
  • Not sure, I need more information - 0
  • No opinion either way - 0
While 53-percent of respondents said they would support lower speed limits in the city, a majority of those, 30-percent of total respondents, said they would do so only if red light cameras placed at several intersections throughout the city were removed. A universally unpopular traffic enforcement tool with motorists, several California cities have removed the controversial devices in the last few years. 

Of the 46-percent in opposition to lowering speed limits, 33-percent of the total respondents said current speed limits and safety are adequate and 13-percent said they felt the speed reductions would be used as an excuse for police to pull over more motorists and possibly generate more fees for the city.

The Elk Grove City Council will consider the matter at tonight's meeting that starts at 6 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

In my research I have found that studies show that traffic moving at a speed that is reasonable for the road and weather conditions results in fewer accidents. Drivers are more patient because a reasonably uniform speed allows progress with less passing, less delay, and fewer rear-end collisions.

Many people believe that lowering posted speeds will mean fewer accidents, but studies do not prove this. Unrealistically low speeds frustrate many drivers, resulting in numerous speeding violations and unsafe driving, actually causing more accidents. Some motorists may try to make up time by taking a shortcut through residential or other areas that are not suited to higher speeds and increased numbers of cars.

I see no reason for the city to make so many changes at one time...do one heavily traveled street at a time and give people time to become aquainted with the change.

We have to give up this "all or nothing" attitude and learn to compromise. Take it slow....

Anonymous said...

I would hope this decision would be made on more than the speed limit either at or below the speed driven by 85 percent of vehicles surveyed.

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