Poll Shows Strong Oppostion to Proposed Elk Grove Sales Tax Increase

January 22, 2016 |

A poll that closed earlier today showed little popular support for a possible sales tax increase in Elk Grove. The five-day unscientific poll asked participants if they would support an increase in sales taxes paid by Elk Grove shoppers, and under what circumstances.

Of the 50 respondents, 42, or 84-percent said they would not support a sales tax increase in Elk Grove to help pay for construction and maintenance of various discretionary projects including the proposed aquatics center. Within the no respondents, 16 (32-percent) said sales taxes are high enough, the city should live within it means; 15 (30-percent) said sales taxes should not be increased, and Mello Roos (property taxes) should not be increased either, and 11 (22-percent) said the city's spending is out of control.

Of the five respondents (10-percent) supporting a sales tax increase, four (eight percent) said they would support paying higher sales taxes; and one participant (two percent) said they would support higher sales taxes as it is more equitable than higher Mello Roos fees for Laguna Ridge residents. There were three respondents (six percent) who were undecided.

Exclusive of the poll, the posting for a related sales tax story on EGN's Facebook page drew over 900 views and several comments (see image below). Although the comments were not part of the poll, with only one exception, they were not in support of the Elk Grove sales tax increase proposal.

At a recent City Council meeting, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis said he expects the matter to be brought to the council for consideration in February. If the city proceeds with its sales tax increase proposal, which needs a super-majority two-thirds for approval, it could be one of three local tax increase measures put before Elk Grove voters on the June or November ballots.

The other possible local tax measures that voters could be asked to approve are a countywide sales tax increase from the Sacramento Transportation Authority and a multi-million dollar bond proposal from the Elk Grove Unified School District. Additionally, there is a $9 billion statewide school bond measure voters will be asked to consider in November.     

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Ice rink said...

The polling consultant hired by the city never did provide the public with a copy of their telephone questions as requested. Who knows what "bait" was dangled out there to induce support for the tax increase? Assuming the Council votes to place it on the ballot, get ready to roll up your pants legs when the ballot language comes out!

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