Davis, Spease Willing to Sign 'Clean Campaign Pledge' for Elk Grove Mayoral Race

February 17, 2016 | Responding to an appeal posted on EGN yesterday, the two declared candidates running for Mayor of Elk Grove have ...

February 17, 2016 |

Responding to an appeal posted on EGN yesterday, the two declared candidates running for Mayor of Elk Grove have affirmed they would be willing to pledge to conduct a clean campaign.

Authored by Elk Grove resident and EGN contributor Connie Conley, the appeal asked mayoral candidates if they would be prepared to sign a pledge. Conley wrote, "we should ask every mayoral candidate to sign a 'clean campaign agreement,' which asks candidates to take personal responsibility for the content of mailers or statements they or their authorized committee’s and/or consultant issue."

Responding directly to the idea, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis quickly endorsed the idea. "Without hesitation I will sign the clean campaign pledge," Davis said. 

Like Davis, the other declared candidate in the race, Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease, offered full-throated support for the pledge. 

“I think voters are capable of discerning what is appropriate and not. As I had already anticipated signing the Fair Campaign Pledge that is part of the Nomination Process, I've absolutely no reservations with signing another pledge," Spease said. "In the future, I hope the media outlets and community groups can come together to draft a singular pledge and a mechanism for enforcement.”

Citing the 2010 Elk Grove City Council race where an independent group sent out a last minute hit piece, Conley also said: "The candidate is ultimately responsible for everything that occurs in their campaign and that most certainly includes their campaign consultant." Additionally, she advised the candidates that voters "don’t need any gifts as if our votes are for sale. No plants! No pot holders!"

Perhaps all the mayoral candidates can take a page from the 1996 Massachusetts Senate race that pitted Gov. William Weld against incumbent John Kerry. Although the campaigns occasionally delved into the negatives, both candidates mostly kept to a promise they made on 60 minutes to run a clean campaign.

In the aftermath of the election, both candidates plunked down a few hundred bucks and along with their campaign staffs, bellied up to the bar to bury the collective hatchets.

As told by SouthCoastToday.com"Well here's looking at you, Senator," Gov. Weld said as the Democratic incumbent entered the bar. "You ran a great race, you deserved to win. I congratulate you."    

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