EGUSD Hears Encouraging News on Local Bond Proposal; Charter School Proponents Asks For Extension

February 2, 2016 |

At tonight's regular meeting of the Elk Grove Unified School District, trustees heard encouraging news about a proposed local bond measure.

As part of their effort to address future needs and maintenance of district facilities, the EGUSD is considering asking local voters to approve up to $600 million in bonds during one of this year's two elections. To gauge voter support, late last year the district hired True North Research to conduct voter interest surveys in the district.

Reporting to the trustees was Dr. Timothy McClarney, who said the surveys found voter support for approval of a district-wide bond. In his report, McClarney said if the measure is put up for a vote, the November ballot will offer a better chance to safely meet the required 55-percent approval threshold.

Although a specific bond amount was not discussed, McClarney said their research showed an approximate assessment of $34 to $39 per $100,000 of assessed property value would be the ideal range. McClarney also noted that voter sentiment can change.

"This poll is a snapshot in time, it is not a crystal ball," he noted.

Trustee Nancy Chaires Espinoza asked what the assessment range per $100,000 was across the state. McClarney said there are some district's that were as high at $60, but that most fell in the $30 to $40 range.

Noting there will be a $9 billion statewide school bond and a possible renewal of 2012's Proposition 30 on the November ballot, Trustee Tony Perez asked how this might affect the Elk Grove measure.

"We find in the voters mind there is a clear distinction, voters generally support local over state measures," he said. "I am confident your voters will think of this district first."

The Trustees received the report and will decide at a later meeting the size of the bond and whether to place it on the June or November ballot. In a related matter, the trustees approved a resolution supporting the November $9 billion statewide school bond proposal.

In other business, proponents of the proposed Golden State Charter School in Elk Grove asked the board to withdraw their petition from consideration and requested a 30-day extension. The school, which is sought by the Tri Valley School Corporation with the assistance of Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, is seeking district funding for a charter school on the city's west side.
Making the request without explanation on behalf of Tri-Valley was Dr. Lynn Lysco. Recently the Livermore  Joint Unified School District has accused the charter school operator of illegally charging overseas students in violation of state law, which Tri-Valley has denied.    

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that Bond should be placed on the Laguna Ridge community as the shortfall of the Civic Center project was. It is their responsibility for any shortfalls this community faces, that's why they were named "jewel of the city". You don't believe me, just ask our City Council who's responsible.

Warren Buffett said...

There will come a time when the voters get tired of increased taxes and assessments--it's not a matter of if, but when. Come November, if I'm faced with a local school bond measure, an Elk Grove city sales tax, state school bond, Measure A sales tax extension, and any other proposed tax, I'm not going to parse thru each one and pick and choose--I'm gonna say enough is enough and simply vote NO on all of them. For me, there comes a time when government just has to manage their finances like we have to do each month.

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