Elk Grove Mayor, Vice Mayor to Address Recent Crime Spike at Community Meeting

February 7, 2016 | In a mass email distribution yesterday, Mayor Gary Davis addressed concerns widely discussed on internet forums and ...

February 7, 2016 |

In a mass email distribution yesterday, Mayor Gary Davis addressed concerns widely discussed on internet forums and social media about last week's headline-grabbing crime spree in Elk Grove. Among other events, that spree included an armed robbery of a Franklin High School student and a gang-related street shootout.

In his email titled "Is Elk Grove Safe," Davis asserted notwithstanding last week's events, the city's crime rate over the last several years has dropped. However, he added "This doesn't take away from the fact that no crime is ever acceptable."

In an effort to address these concerns, Davis and Vice Mayor Steve Ly (whose district the crime spree occurred in) have expanded the scope of a previously announced community meeting. The event is scheduled for  6 p.m. on Thursday, February 11 and will be held at the Multipurpose room of Toby Johnson Middle School in the East Franklin neighborhood.

Along with addressing community concerns, according to his correspondence, Davis and Ly hope to organize a community association. More information about the event can be viewed on the Facebook event page here.   


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Anonymous said...

I do not understand the purpose of this meeting when someone from the C rime Prevention Staff are not included. It's important that the people with the expertise in matters such as this are involved.


Joe Friday said...

Crime discussion is best left to the people who have their boots on the ground everyday fighting crime-the Police Department. Their officers are very well equipped to deal with the public on this and don't need these two political chaperones to lead them. Whenever I see politicians involved in an event, you can kiss seriousness goodbye. Wouldn't be surprised to see photographers on hand looking to dress up the Mayor's campaign flyer and Ly's photo album. Let the sound bites and photo ops begin!

Anonymous said...

You are so right. This meeting was first planned at Sinful Treats as a campaign meeting for Gary Davis and then when they had the crime events happening in the area he moved it to the school and represented it as something else. Best left to the people with the expertise in handling matters such as this...the Police Department. I look at this as a total disservice to the hard working people of that area, taking of their time to a meeting that serves no purpose in keeping the community safe. My question would also be, why didn't Mr. Ly personally work with the Police Department in bringing a meeting to the East Franklin area to answer their questions since this is totally out of Mayor Davis' & Lys expertise. Probably the same questions that Mr. Ly should be asked...why did he not take the CFD problems to the Laguna Ridge residents in his District to see how they felt about it before it was heard at the City Council meeting?

Anonymous said...

The police chief and crime prevention officers should attend the meeting and make a brief presentation and open it up for a question and answer session

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a total waste of our time and nothing more than some campaign meeting. What's Ly going to do...Ditto the Mayor?

Anonymous said...

seems self-serving... did the rest of the council get invited? It is a "from-district," after all.

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