Sacramento Transportaion Authority Hears Report on Measure B Mailers, Outreach Efforts

February 12, 2016 | At yesterday's meeting of the Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA), the board of directors heard a repor...

February 12, 2016 |

At yesterday's meeting of the Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA), the board of directors heard a report from a consultant hired to gauge voter support for a countywide possible sales tax ballot measure.

The STA is currently considering asking whether they will ask Sacramento County voters to approve a countywide sales tax increase the so-called Measure B. If the STA decides to pursue one-half cent sales tax increase, which would require a 66-percent majority threshold for approval, it would be placed on the November ballot.

In the report presented by Mark Capitolo  of the consulting firm of Duffy and Capitolo, board members were presented with a sample mailing to be sent in the coming weeks to select voters in Sacramento County. Alex Evans of from EMC research also discussed information from a focus group meeting they conducted.

Capitolo noted that items such as relief from cross town traffic were brought up during discussions with focus groups. Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume asked Capitolo if specific projects like the Southeast Connector project were discussed.

"No. They know what they want, but they don't know about the planning," Capitolo said. "Once they see it on a map, they get it."

Hume followed up with a question if they are surveying voters attitudes about other possible sales increase measures that could appear on the ballot. He noted voters could be asked to approve a variety of statewide, countywide and local tax proposals.

"Will you be testing voter fatigue," Hume asked. "Will you test whether more or likely if it will succeed."

Capitolo said no, but added, "we employ any number of analytic techniques to try to get at that question."

The STA has yet to decide if it will be placed on the November Ballot. Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters asked acting STA director Brian Williams if they pursued the measure, how much would be needed for a pro-Measure B campaign.

"If this goes to a campaign, I would expect it to cost one million dollars plus," Williams said.

Williams also noted once the STA gets past August, the pro $1 million Measure B campaign cost would be paid for with private sector funding. 

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