Elk Grove City Council's 'Steves' Bully Constituents, Display Boorish Arrogance

March 12, 2016 | Although the Elk Grove City Council's "Steves" - Steve Detrick and Steve Ly - started out as enem...

March 12, 2016 |

Although the Elk Grove City Council's "Steves" - Steve Detrick and Steve Ly - started out as enemies, as time has passed, they are both becoming more like two peas in a pod.

Not long after Ly joined the Council, during one particular deliberation, Detrick famously told Ly "that's a load of crap" when Ly sought a special assistant. Apparently the Vice Mayor needed that assistant to be part of his entourage that includes his own personal photographer.

Since that time, the Steves have started to develop a special kinship. First, there was their agreement to suppress citizen participation and their disdain for democracy.

This week the Steves achieved a new high, or perhaps a new low, depending on your perspective. Ly and Detrick managed to display an incredible about of self-absorption and bullying of constituents, respectively in just one week.

Ly's self-serving display of arrogance was on full display in a recent edition of the Elk Grove Citizen. In a front page story by the Citizen's Lance Armstrong, Ly touted his self-importance. 

As reported by Armstrong: "Beyond his leadership role in Elk Grove, Ly said he’s well-known by many Hmong-Americans across the country.

“You can go anywhere in the United States and ask a Hmong person, ‘Hey, who is Steve Ly?’ and they’ll say, ‘Oh, he is the vice mayor in the city of Elk Grove,’” Ly said."

Maybe Ly has looked at what self-hyperbole has done for Donald F. Drumpf, also known as Donald Trump, and rationalized "Hey if it works for The Donald, it can work for The Steve." Maybe soon we will see The Steve Water or The Steve Steaks. 

For all his talk about being a public servant to all the people of Elk Grove, Ly has laid-to-bare why he is in public office - in a word, fame! It is no wonder with self-congratulatory gas-bag statements emitting from Ly's piehole that politicians are held in lower esteem than used car salesmen. 

Nice way of contributing to a More Perfect Union Ly!

As for the other Steve, this week Detrick displayed what has become habitual - bullying (see story posted here) and condescending behaviors to constituents who dare speak words not to his liking at council meetings. As you watch the videos below, it is evident that not only does Detrick try to bully one constituent who struck a raw nerve, but is downright condescending to another. 

For those who supported Detrick in the past, his evolution into a bully, the irony is not lost. When he ran in 2008 on a platform of restoring integrity, morality, and so forth on the Elk Grove City Council compared to his opponent, then-council member Mike Leary, the message was timely and well-received. 

For all his scuzziness, Leary never hid and even embraced that he was a bullying-scuzzball. For many people, Detrick has devolved into the very man he ran against in 2008 without the self-awareness of Leary.     

Eight years later all those citizen supporters who worked so diligently for Detrick's election have abandoned him. Not to worry though, with his well-noted aggressive campaign fund-raising techniques, Detrick can surround himself with plenty of high-priced political consultant friends who will go door-to-door on his behalf via the United States Postal Service. 

To paraphrase Walter Cronkite, and that's the way it is with The Steves. 

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Anonymous said...

This dog knew it was comin’. It was only a matter of time and the Council did not disappoint. There is no “will of the people” anymore, only the will of the ruling class.

Those governing types think they’re smarter than we are and this is the proverbial icing on the cake. It’s all about legacy projects and funneling big money to legal eagles and developers who have the Mayor’s and Councils ear. But tax and spend politicians rely on taxpayers to have a short and selective memory in order to advance mega projects.

This pooch (EGN) hopefully, will do its best to keep such issues in the spotlight. Mr. Detrick, those supporters who worked so diligently to get you elected...well, they can also go door-to-d00r to take you out! Waay past time to clean up your act and start acting like a gentleman. IMO you're becoming a liability even for your big money contributors!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Detrick knows what he is talking about! Give me a break! It is no secret that he is given talking points because the fact is Detrick doesn’t know what he is talking about at all. When “The Mentor” isn’t given talking points, he sounds like a complete moron. Detrick is so narcissistic and boorish he doesn’t even realize what an embarrassment he is.

It isn’t true that both Leary and Detrick broke the law while on the Elk Grove City Council?

EGN, in my opinion, Detrick is worse than Leary. And look where Detrick sits. That is the same seat Leary had before he exited the dais for good.

We can only hope history repeats itself!

EG Pete said...

Interestingly, EGN used a few rather tame examples of Councilman Detrick's arrogance and disdain for negative comments. I was thinking a few others that were much more inflammatory, especially the reference to "Monday morning quarterbacks" when he and the other councilmembers were ridiculed on the record. Totally unprofessional to attack constituents voicing their 1st Amendments right of free speech.

Until Trump is elected president, we still have the right of free speech.

Lynn said...

To above, I am hoping in a big way history repeats itself and we have a few new council members soon. When Detrick is replaced I will fund buying new chairs and a dias for all the members of council...one that is not positioned above the residents but at the resident level! Time for those who are elected to serve us are placed in the servant position! I am willing to bet there would be the possibility of a much more humble council if they sat at staff and resident level! Time to remove the thrones!

Anonymous said...

Here we go, whether you are a seasoned veteran speaker at public comment at Elk Grove City Council meetings like Michael Monasky, or a first-time speaker like Dustin Silverling, there is an instantaneous common dominator, both were bullied and chastised by Steve Detrick, rudely told they didn’t know what they were talking about (when in fact, they did know). Easy for Mr. Detrick to go on these venomous diatribes from the dais when the public can’t rebut him.

Mr. Detrick, if you really know what you are talking about, I challenge you to a public debate against Mr. Monasky. Let’s see how much you really know when you come down from that throne of yours and can’t dictate your edicts to the people.

Anonymous said...

EG Pete, you are absolutely correct. In reading your comments, it reminded me of another Mike Monasky Op Ed whereby Steve Detrick made denigrating comments about women. It was Detrick’s sexist “like pickin' the girl for the prom” retort because several women spoke at public comment that they wanted to see a qualified and intelligent woman appointed to the Elk Grove City Council – both traits, by the way, Detrick lacks.

The Op Ed is worth another read. Here is the link. EGN, would you please unlock it.


Megyn Kelly said...

EGN, can you clip Detrick's sexist comments mentioned above so that readers can see for themselves his Trump-like comment.

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