Tease or Something 'Really Big' - Elk Grove Mayor Tweets Coming Major Employer Announcement

March 19, 2016 |

People of a certain age will remember huddling in front of their Admiral, Magnavox, Motorola or Philco black and white TV's on Sunday nights to watch the Ed Sullivan show at 8 p.m. EST on your local CBS affiliate. For Detroiters, that was WJBK, Channel 2.

In what became a cliche of sorts, the mercurial Sullivan would frequently introduce his program by saying in an exaggerated manner, "We have a really big show tonight." Given the bevy of stars appearing on his program ranging from Bill "Bojangles" Robinson to The Beatles, Sullivan delivered.

It is with this in mind, that this morning when I read a Tweet from Elk Grove Mayor Davis. In the Tweet, which was posted early Friday evening, said: "At next Friday's State of the City Address we are announcing a game changer of a new employer #InElkGrove."

So will this be, to paraphrase Sullivan, "a really big announcement" or just a tease of sorts to spark interest in his SOTC address?

On the chance there is a really big announcement about a major employer coming to Elk Grove during Davis' address, how will his fellow council members react? Will Vice Mayor Steve Ly and Council Member Steve Detrick be able to handle the trauma to their political messaging when the Mayor grabs the glory or will they leak this information at Wednesday night's city council meeting to minimize his message? Will Davis invite all his fellow councilmen to make a joint announcement at the SOTC address to present themselves as team players? (No "I" in team, right!) Will EGN finally remove its clock tracking the elapsed time on Davis and Ly's campaign promises?

We will start seeing clues on Wednesday night at the city council meeting, and in about six days from now answers to all these questions. 

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Skeptical and Disillusioned said...

maybe a new McDonald's? A new WalMart?

Call me skeptical and disillusioned.

Anonymous said...

Papa John's Pizza..

Warren Buffett said...

If it's the casino, old news buddy boy!

Thomas A. Anderson said...

For the sake of argument, let's say Mayor Davis makes a "game changer" of an announcement regarding some new employer at his address next week. The fact that he took to Twitter to "tease" his audience as characterized here, indicates he and others are already in possession of this information.

Furthermore, maybe his fellow council members are in agreement that he will be given the opportunity to make the announcement. If they are not in agreement, or even in possession of this information, just what is the standard protocol for this announcement? Does the mayor get to be the conquesting Roman General returning home from battle in a four-horse chariot wearing a laurel crown?

I am curious what Emperor Davis' solons on the city council think of this forthcoming announcement?

Anonymous said...

Come on, the old Davis/Ly slogan didn't work so well. Must come up with a new one this election year...as stated above "Stronger Neighborhoods". I always thought the EGPD did a tremendous job on that one, now if he gets his finger in it, watch that fall apart like everything else he touches.

Ice rink said...

Is the ice rink coming back?

Anonymous said...

How about a mega gun store, shooting range and truck pull arena?

Bob said...

I know, another mayor sponsored hot dog extravaganza with 8 hot dogs, 12 buns and some kids to distribute that he's paid $1 each to.

New jobs, looking out for the kids. Two tag lines for the election and only $3.88 spent.

Davis is a genius!

Anonymous said...

You're all wrong on this one....the Mayor has seen the light and Trump is coming to town to receive his key to the city. There's even talk that our very own Mayor Davis could be his choice for VP if he's elected.

Never underestimate the power our Mayor welds...easily seen on his tweet and the dais.

Big O said...

I think Mayor Davis will be announcing the 5,000 new jobs that a sub-contractor for Apple is bring to Elk Grove. These minimum paying jobs will be taking apart old cell phones. Let's not confuse these jobs with Apple IT jobs as they are low paying jobs with a company that is a sub-contractor to Apple.

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