Opinion - Do Dreams Really Come True?

By June LaVine | 

On Wednesday, May 11 Elk Grove City staff will present to council their recommendations moving forward for an animal shelter in Elk Grove.

This "project" has been going on for years! Council has been informed on many occasions that an animal shelter is a NECESSITY, not just another avenue for city spending.

Numerous animals are picked up daily and driven 26 miles to a shelter that is OVER-CAPACITY!

In a report by UCDAVIS last year, "dogs are being euthanized for space and animals that are housed there are not getting the proper care."

Dogs, cats and rabbits are our best friends.  They teach us so much about compassion, fun and truly caring for another life.  They deserve the very best!

When I think of an animal shelter, I envision loving arms that cradle those that cannot care for themselves.

What you may find surprising, is that I also imagine children, seniors, teens and vets included in these loving arms.

You see, it takes a community that comes together for the good of all.  All of you who love your animals will understand what I'm talking about.

It has been proven time and again that veterans benefit immensely when bonded with a dog.  It is a trust that can actually be seen when they are together.

Children who read to animals learn non-judgment which we know provides character that no one can teach.

Seniors, just by their experiences offer so much to the daily life at an animal shelter.  They are vital to a shelters success.

Teens offer ideas we never thought of. Teaching younger children about care and handling of animals and providing new ideas for fundraising through website innovations.

It is with this dream that I am asking for ongoing support from our community and to voice that support to our City Council.

In a comic strip called "Mutts", they discuss what is being put back on the endangered list.  The response is "Empathy and Compassion".

Let's show "Mutts" that that is not the case in the City of Elk Grove!

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