Elk Grove City Councilmen - Men With Hands on Their Hips

One of the most interesting aspects of a site like Elk Grove News is reader participation. Many EGN readers regularly share creative ideas and observations. 

A special advertorial real estate featured in this weekend's Sacramento Bee spurred yet another interesting observation about a growing trend of Elk Grove's five councilmen or at least three of them to date.

That special real estate advertorial section featured a picture of Elk Grove's internationally famous Vice Mayor, Steve Ly. Positioned in front of an obligatory elk statue, Ly,  also known as The Great One took the stance which has become the council's de rigueur pose  - hands on the hips.

The Great One - Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly - in front of the elk
statue on Laguna Boulevard. 

Of course The Great One isn't the first councilman to pose with hands on the hip. Preceding the Vice Mayor was Councilman Steve Detrick and Mayor Gary Davis.

For a pose of the Mayor with hands on his hip, well actually just one in this case, look at this story posted at the Elk Grove Citizen.

And of course for good measure, who can forget this picture of the Mayor and The Great One posing hands on hips proclaiming they are the Elk Grove's crime fighting Dynamic Duo!

As for why the hands on the hips pose is so popular with Davis, Detrick and The Great One, there is no telling but the arguments and counter-arguments abound on whether it should be done. One source claims that in Tom Wolfe's Right Stuff, the Gemini Seven astronauts were coached not to appear in public with hands on hips as it appeared to less than masculine. Conversely, others suggest that the Man of Steel and the Dynamic Duo posed this way to portray virility and strength.

And of course for good measure, Cosmopolitan suggests men with hands on their hips is an expression of sexual interest.  Whatever the reason, the hands-on-hips seems to have grabbed the attention of three of our councilmen.

As for the other two council members, Pat Hume and Darren Suen, so far they are either Luddites with regards to the the Man-of-Steel-Dymanic-Duo-Hand-on-the Hips-movement engulfing the city council or they haven't yet had the opportunity to take up the pose de rigueur. 

The Gemini Seven -
No hands on the hips for this group.  


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