Filings Reveal Elk Grove Vice Mayor Steve Ly's Fondness For Free Golf, Drinks, Meals, Event Tickets

August 21, 2016 |

A recent filing by Elk Grove Vice Mayor and Mayoral candidate Steve Ly reveals his fondness for free rounds of golf, meals, tickets to unspecified events, and in one instance four tickets to a Christmas light display.
Among the several individualized gifts Elk Grove Vice 
Mayor Steve Ly has accepted in the last 12 months has been
four tickets from Global Winter Wonderland. It is not
known who used the tickets to the Christmas-themed 
attraction in Sacramento. 

The information was listed on a California Fair Political Practices Commission Form 700, Statement of economic interests. Although elected officials and certain government employees have to file the report annually, which among other things includes gifts, Ly's mayoral candidacy has triggered another filing.

For most Elk Grove City Council members, the most common items listed historically have included dinners on the annual Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce's annual Cap to Cap lobbying trip to Washington DC and attendance at charitable functions or group dinners where they are attending in an official capacity. 

Two other councilmen whose reelection bids also triggered filings are Steve Detrick and Darren Suen. Detrick filing lists meals received during the Cap to Cap trip while Suen had those same dinners and attendance at charitable or group-type meetings.

Like his colleagues, Ly lists Cap to Cap functions and group type meetings. Beyond those, Ly also lists several other gifts that are more individually focused.

Those individualized gifts include the following: 

Republic Services -
  • 9/28/15, charity golf $179
  • 10/15/15, charity golf, $150
Carpenters of  Northern California -
  • 12/24/15, breakfast, $6
  • 1/16/16, two tickets (unspecified) $100, 
  • 3/7/16, lunch, $20 
  • 5/9/16 - dinner, $23
  • 6/13/16 - lunch, $20
  • 6/14/16 - lunch, $16.75
  • 6/14/16, two tickets (unspecified) $100
  • 6/14/16, room, $99
  • 6/14/16, dinner, $40  
Global Winter Wonderland -
  • 11/14/15 - four tickets, $72
Pappas Investments -
  • 10/5/15 - charity golf, $175
River City Communications -
  • 10/9/15 - two tickets for dinner $189
For the purposes of the the FPPC, acceptance of gifts by elected officials is generally allowed by law.

Along with Ly, the only other Mayoral candidate required to file the statement is Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Kevin Spease. In his filing, Spease listed only his income sources and no gifts accepted in the last 12 months as a Planning Commissioner.  


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Ace of Spades said...

Everybody's vote is for sale. The only question is how cheap will you let it go for and will they make you breakfast in the morning.

Josie said...

Maybe he needs to sign up for the California Restaurant Meals Program if he's eligible for a EBT card. That way he can purchase hot prepared foods at participating restaurants using his EBT card. I don't think he would then have to report them.

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