Letter to the Editor - Will You Vote?

September 26, 2016 |  

Will You Vote? 

One of my concerns is will people vote when it comes to our City of Elk Grove?  

I'm campaigning for Kevin Spease as our next Mayor. I understand his values as well as his expectations for our City.  

Yes, I have a very personal reason to see Kevin Spease in office.

For a very long time now, I have been advocating for an animal shelter in Elk Grove. I have met with Kevin and his wife Angela on several occasions to discuss my mission and they have both supported me at every turn.

Some of the residents have told me that they are not voting. WHAT?

I have tried to analyze the so called reasoning for this and can only come to one conclusion.


So many of our residents only come home to SLEEP!

They don't feel they are impacted by what goes on in Elk Grove.  They drive to Sacramento or the Bay Area to work, lunch, and socialize.

If you feel this way, please think again.

Your children go to school here and they play in your neighborhood. I also hope that you will retire here and enjoy all that this City has to offer.

I understand that so many residents are upset with what is going on in City Hall.

With the right direction and sincere concern, I know that Elk Grove will be a great City to live, work and play in.

So please reconsider your decision not to vote and make Kevin Spease our next Mayor!

June Lavine
Elk Grove, Calif.

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