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By Gil Moore | October 30, 2016 | STEVE LY I am writing this out of concern for the well being of my friends, neighbors, and e...

By Gil Moore | October 30, 2016 |


I am writing this out of concern for the well being of my friends, neighbors, and everyone working or living in the Elk Grove area.

Steve Ly is unqualified to be Mayor, nor a City Council member, nor a School Board Trustee, nor, as we have learned, the Executive Director of Asian Resources, Inc. 

Since Gary Davis quit the Mayoral race, I decided to speak up to share what I have learned about Gary and his colleague, Steve Ly. Gary had told the newspapers and public what a great guy Steve Ly is, and what an asset he has been as a School Board member, and as a City Council member.  

Well, the joke is on us - And, it is not funny!   

The thousands of pages that I have and that can be viewed at the Sacramento Superior Court is proof. Steve Ly was fired from, as the Executive Director, of Asian Resources, Inc.  

Steve Ly was fired for financial negligence, incompetence, and almost bankrupted a 25 year old association with an annual budget of $2 million, in just 9 months, as Executive Director for ARI.  

As an example of his incompetence, and gross negligence, Steve Ly sat on two grants benefiting children, and lost the funding for two youth programs totaling over $120,000. 

Mr. Education? Really? 

Steve Ly had a salary package while at the ARI over $100,000, yet he did not show up at work until  midday according to the ARI staff.  His contract stated his work hours as 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. According to irrefutable evidence, Steve Ly, spent most of his working hours studying for law school, and running his janitorial business. Steve Ly, is not a license lawyer in the State of California, yet he was observed by staff, that Steve often gave out legal advise to his friends and associates, all while working for ASI. 
The ARI's staff, and the Board of Directors' Declarations, stated, according to the Court Documents, that Steve Ly was found incompetent, negligent, and discriminatory in hiring his Fresno minions, over more qualified in-house personnel. Steve Ly had a budget, but chose not to follow it.  He paid his minions almost 50% more than was budgeted, and they were found to be incompetent and knew nothing of the business.  

Steve Ly was willing to hire personal security guards at the ACI, for his perceived benefit, with no respect to the budget.  

Steve Ly had a mutiny from the ARI staff. Almost all the ARI employees saw that their desire and passion of helping Asians and other immigrants coming to Sacramento was for naught. 

Almost all the employees went to the Board of Directors in tears saying they will quit if Steve Ly and his unqualified new hires were not fired.   

Steve Ly unsuccessfully sued the ARI for wrongful termination and discrimination. According to the Summary Judgment, and Court Records, Steve Ly lost on all accounts. Not only did he lose the lawsuit, but the court findings from two independent groups (hired by ARI to research the wrong doing of Steve Ly) substantiated the facts as I just stated, were found to be true and irrefutable.

Steve Ly was sued by the Sacramento Credit Union for not paying his mortgage for $56,000.  

Steve Ly was sued for not paying his credit card bill in 2013 for over $6000.  

Financially competent?   

Steve Ly, when he became a City Council member initiated and influenced the Elk Grove City Council to vote to give a sizable grant to a language school that Steve Ly had a financial agreement with, to advise and consult.  This same language school had paid Steve Ly consulting fees somewhere between $1,001 and $10,000.  

Where is the ethics here? 

Should Steve Ly run for Mayor? Is he the man to make financial decisions for our tax dollars? Is he the man to be the deciding vote for critical decisions affecting our City Hall, Police Department, and equally important, our well being?


I am saddened that Gary Davis can repeatedly threaten and coerce the good, hard-working people so easily just because he abuses the authority of his position as Mayor, and continuously violates the City of Elk Grove's Code of Ethics.  



Having over 40-plus years of business experience, I have had the good fortune of obtaining status and respect within my industry and the resources to overcome the penny-ante tactics Gary has attempted on me. 

Here is a little history on my interactions with Gary.

Gary approached me and asked for $10,000 in a campaign contribution in 2011. Gary said, "This would do you good Gil". How unethical is that?  Nevertheless, I felt pressured by Gary and contributed $7500. Plus Gary strongly suggested I donate $5000 to a Farm To Fork business, with no financial credibility, instead I sent the money to the Food Bank. 

Gary Davis sent me countless emails telling me how great I am supporting the Community, and what a great friend I am. Gary sent me texts telling me how great my Sheldon Centre is and what a great asset it is to the City. Gary continued to thank and praise me for my family's contributions to all 19 charities in Elk Grove.

When Gary called and asked for my vote, and for my financial and personal support for his reelection, in mid- December, 2015, I said no.  

Consequently, Gary gets upset and chooses to resort to his typical childish and hurtful antics.  

Gary attempted to set me up for a lawsuit by lying, with fraudulent accusations. Needless to say, I was able to squelch his extorted attempts with facts and proof.

But, what of other Elk Grove business owners with fewer resources than me?

This story is my favorite, as it shows to what lengths Gary will go to hurt people.  

On or about, the same time Gary asked me for my financial and personal support, Gary Davis calls and asks for financial and personal support from one of our local Bank Managers (I will leave this person’s name out for their protection), and they tell Gary they are supporting his opponent. Instead of showing grace, Gary became so vindictive he committed the most unethical act possible, a total abuse of his authority and position.  

Gary sent an email to what he thought was this person’s supervisor telling them, that this bank is no longer in the good graces of the City. Gary was trying to get this person fired. How low and unethical is that?

Gary asked for the support and endorsement, (of one of our key and most respected individuals that made the Elk Grove School Board what it is today) for his wife, Heather Davis, as she was running for the Sacramento School Board. This highly credible person said no, Gary, you home schooled your children, and your wife has no experience making decisions for any school board. 

Guess what? Gary and his employer, gave Heather Davis close to $160,000 and out-financed the other more qualified candidates by over a hundred thousand dollars. Is there no end to your political manipulation and corruption, Gary

The staff of the City, the Police Department, and all of us that live and work in the City of Elk Grove do not deserve a manipulative and unethical Mayor;  Nor such treachery, incompetence, and negligence from Steve Ly.
The City staff and the City Council need to set standards of Ethics and Conduct to protect us all from such grave incompetence. Maybe a little research into the potential nominees might save our City from financial ruin. Look at the City of Stockton.

Please, please share this story with your neighbors and friends.

We are responsible for electing competent and qualified people.

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