Yesterday's Women's March in Sacramento - Unity, Calls For Action

Elk Grove's Tracie Stafford emceed yesterday's Women's March in Sacramento. | 

By Nancy Fox | January 22, 2017 |   

Special to Elk Grove News |      

I was one of the up to 25,000 women, men and  and children who marched from Southside Park (at 8th and T Streets, Sacramento to our State Capitol, a distance of only 1.5 miles. But with that many people it took quite a while with all that humanity walking together thru the streets of Sacramento.

Cat and I made our way toward the Capitol and got as close as we possibly could (we had taken light rail from CRC, Elk Grove, to 8th & O and then joined others as they walked to join the masses at Southside Park).  Could not believe the number of people already there.

One good thing about being in that crush of humanity was the fact that all those bodies jammed together generated some warmth. Elk Grove’s Tracie Stafford organized the event and and emceed event. Darrell Steinberg, former President pro Tem of the Senate, and now Mayor of Sacramento, gave a very stirring speech and then introduced Angelique Ashby, the only female on the Sac City Council, and a dynamo in getting young people involved in the political arena in the Natomas area that  she represents. And what I thought was pretty neat, our very own Assemblymember, Jim Cooper, was sporting a (get this) a pink kitty hat!

Needless to say, it was a fantastic turn-out, but as Mayor Steinberg and others said, this is the beginning, don’t stop now, and get involved. You don’t have to run for office, but there are various boards, committee, groups that we can get involved with in our very own neighborhoods, and communities of interests. 

So hopefully, the energy that turned so many people out today will not die out, but rather keep people energized and eager to help get our representatives and government back on board with all of us.

Can’t tell you all how much I enjoyed today especially seeing all the young people who showed up to participate in today’s march. Just hope the energy continues.

Porsche Middleton (left) and Maureen Craft were among the 25,000 participants
in Sacramento's Women's March.

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