Elk Grove's King's Chinese Restaurant - A Time Machine Trip To a Blander Time

February 18, 2017 |

Given this review was first posted on EGN's Yelp page, one of the things I would suggest to Yelp is to change the rating system. Perhaps they could go on a one to ten, or even allow half stars.

The reason I say this is because this is a case where a restaurant does not deserve three stars. Likewise, it needs something a little more than two.

For King's Chinese Restaurant on Sheldon Road in Elk Grove, they would earn two-and-half stars on the Yelp scale.

My first visit to this establishment was earlier this week when my dining companion and I were both tired, wanted something hot, fresh and relatively quick. A Chinese restaurant fits the bill, and we tried this blindly not having read any reviews.

The restaurant, which is located in the Winco shopping center, is austere but clean. So that is always a plus.

The problems arose in that it took about five minutes to be seated and another five to have menus presented. If there is one thing I have always admired about family-owned Chinese restaurants is they get you seated quickly and served you equally as fast.

Another trait of most Chinese restaurants is they are generally quick. Not so much here as it took about 20 minutes for a simple order, and there were only about four tables in use, although it appeared take-out was busier.

As for the menu, I felt I had traveled in a time machine and had been transported back to Biddle Avenue, circa 1967 to Lichee Gardens in Wyandotte, Mich. It wasn't the decor, it was the menu.

For those old enough to remember, a Chinese menu in the Midwest, or for most of the country from that matter, back in the day was very simple. Sweet and sour, chop suey, chow mien, maybe some broccoli beef, egg foo young, and other standards. This menu was straight out of a time machine.

Nonetheless, it does not mean it would be bad, rather just old familiar standards.

Once the food arrived after a longer than usual wait, the food was hot, fresh, but unfortunately bland. Taking a clue from the menu selection, when ordering we asked the waiter/cook to spice up the orange chicken, and it still came out listless. The chow mien and pork fried rice were acceptable, but nothing special.

Although I can't say for sure, this establishment looks to be a family owned operation with a husband, wife, and one helper running things during our evening visit. They probably could have used a wait/counter person who could better engage customers and help speed-up service.

I hope they make it, but unfortunately for them, there are better choices in Elk Grove for Chinese dining, so it is unlikely we will be going back.


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