What is Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly’s Real Job?

By Connie Conley | June 5, 2017 |  In reading  the   Elk Grove News  article,  “As Sacramento-area Mayors Take Stance on...

By Connie Conley | June 5, 2017 | 

In reading the Elk Grove News article, “As Sacramento-area Mayors Take Stance on Paris Agreement, Elk Grove's Mayor Ly Silent on Opposition to Trump,” another viewpoint came to mind.  

Yes, across the Nation we are seeing civic leadership from governors, mayors, and from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies strongly denouncing pulling out of the Paris Accord; yet nothing from Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. I see this not only as a missed opportunity for Ly, but indicative of the actions of this mayor as it pertains to leadership.

Experts agree, the future is in sustainable energy.  The Elk Grove City Council spouts that they want to bring quality, high paying jobs to Elk Grove – the one recurring platform during every election cycle – JOBS JOBS JOBS! 

Not once did we hear from those elected to the Elk Grove City Council that jobs are in green tech and in smart tech which, by the way, have become more cost effective relative to fossil fuels and have been for some time now. Not one word about going out and ensuring Elk Grove gets their fair share of those jobs. And those jobs are there make no mistake about it!

Renewable energy is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. The Southeast Policy Area (SEPA) has prime land to bring those jobs to Elk Grove. Elk Grove should be leaders of industry here.  And that will never occur when we have a mayor who is silent on the issues.

Does Ly not get it that California is leading the way in sustainable energy? Our State had the highest rate of solar power jobs per capita last year. Additionally, California has vital renewable energy standards and installation incentives to offer both companies and developers.

Elk Grove has proven it can support solar businesses such as Future Energy Corp. Its owner is committed to Elk Grove, owning not only Future Energy, but also the Sheldon Inn. We need more local business owners like this! 

What about wind energy? Shouldn’t the delta breeze that is ever present in Elk Grove be producing electricity for thousands of customers?

Just think if all those houses slated to be built in the SEPA were built solar – the homeowners and future taxpayers can then save their money going to SMUD for the thousands in Mello Roos-CFD taxes they will be paying. However, instead of getting out in front on the climate change issue, to date Ly has not said a word.

Ly loves the limelight, loves the camera, loves the pomp, and certainly loves to fundraise. Council watchers agree that he certainly doesn’t do his homework when it comes to council meetings and struggles with most agenda items. 

Currently, we have before us a mayor who avoids taking a stand on critical issues facing not only our city, but the entire world. That is not doing the job of Mayor. Elk Grove deserves a serious leader as mayor; one who is not afraid to take a stance. Isn’t that the real job as mayor? The Mayor of Pittsburgh certainly agrees.

As reported in the USA Today, Pittsburgh’s Mayor William Peduto, whose city was singled out, responded almost immediately, “If you are a mayor and not addressing shifts in changing weather patterns or preparing for the impacts of climate change you aren't doing your job,” Peduto, a Democrat, said in a statement.

As we have seen in the past, Ly continues to be silent on important issues including this one.  “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Global warming and political ambition may or may not go hand-in-hand.

In order to see which way the 'wind is blowing', maybe Ly is waiting for the dust to settle to see which side of the issue he should be on?

To the savvy observer, Elk Grove already has a pretty dismal record on the climate issue. Recall the Obama economic recovery grant funds the city used to fund preparation of a Climate Action Plan several years ago. The meaningful recommendations of that Plan got so watered down by Council, in the end, only the existing state mandated measures got approved and nothing more. So even if Ly speaks, it is only 'hot air'.

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