The Power of a Referral, Great Customer Service Earns Lifelong Customers

November 25, 2017 |  

Talk about the power of a referral and great customer service, America's Tire has filled that bill for me over the last several years.

About 10 years ago, the night before I had a boatload of in-laws about to descend on my house, I experienced a blow-out. Alas, a couple of tires needed to be replaced.

The problem was it was on a Friday night, and most of the tire dealers were about to close. Fortunately for me, a co-worker recommended America's Tire (another Sacramento are location).

My co-worker called her contact, and even though they were about to close, he happily agreed to accommodate my needs. After arriving, I was served quickly and curiously. Home crisis averted.

Fast forward a few years, and I have used the Elk Grove store for tires on three different vehicles and was always provided the appropriate tire given the age each of the vehicles. I had an older car, and they correctly steered me towards more budget-minded tires given the age of the car.

Today I had to replace two tires, and I again was provided quick, courteous service. I had a 9:30 a.m. appointment and they had me out and on my way within 35 minutes. 

My experience over the years at America's Tires reminds me of two important business principles. First, the power of a referral that comes from excellent customer service. 

Had my co-worker all those years ago did not have a great customer experience, she would not have directed me towards this business. While referrals are valuable, how you are treated is just as crucial.

Every time I have used this company, I have been treated courteously, offered quick, thorough service, and was provided good value. It is a simple formula that many businesses fail to follow. 

It is adherence to these simple principles that have earned America's Tires a lifelong customer in me.


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