What's in a Name? City of Elk Grove Asks For Suggestions on Name For Aquatics Center

January 19, 2018 |  

What should the name of the long-awaited Elk Grove aquatic center be? That is the question the City of Elk Grove is asking resident in an online survey.

The question for residents arose after the Elk Grove City Council gave a thumbs-down to proposed names presented at their Wednesday, January 10 meeting. The names suggested, which came from outside marketing consultants that cost $38,000, were The Pendulum and CNTR Point, a shortened version of Center.

As a back-up the city is conducting an online poll now through midnight on Sunday, January 21. Participants will be asked to choose whether they like, dislike, or are neutral on six suggested names. 

In addition to asking their feelings on the six names, the participants will be asked to rank the proposed names from most liked to least liked. The names proposed in the survey include CNTR Point, Elk Grove Civic Center, The Canopy, The Grove, The Silo, and The Point. 

To participate in the survey, click this link

The results will be presented at the Wednesday, January 24 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council. That meeting will be held at City Hall and starts at 6 p.m. 

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Please! It is very obvious that Mayor Emeritus Gary Davis is campaigning to name the aquatics center "The Grove!" Begs the question: Is Davis still calling the shots at city hall?

The Grove is a famous shopping center in Southern California; so Davis is not being original here. In my opinion, he just stole The Grove just like he has, over the years, the ideas of others such as the Elk Grove Hall of Fame.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Sounds like he wants to claim credit for the facility AND its name! After all, he did pack the Council Chambers with little swimmers to back his proposal (and the resulting votes it brought from the parents). He's probably practicing with scissors at home to get ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony! Good photo-op. Makes you wonder what his future political aspirations are? Board of Supervisors?

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