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Brewer coop in Elk Grove

February 3, 2018 |  

Hidden in the January 24, 2018, Elk Grove City Council meeting was mention of the so-called Brewspace proposal.

The proposal was touted during the economic development director Darrell Doan's report on efforts to bolster the city's retail sector. In this portion of his presentation, Doan said the concept is similar to the Old Sugar Mill wine tasting and event venue in Clarksburg, California.

Noting the concept was proposed by a member of the economic development department staff, Doan said they are working with an unnamed private enterprise. Although no developer was named, a slide showing a sketch of the proposed facility included the logo of Fite Properties of Sacramento and the title Elk Grove Brewery Center.

Doan did not mention where the facility might be located or if it would be funded by public monies, a private sector undertaking, or a public-private partnership.

Below is a video of the Brewspace proposal. 

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Interesting proposition but the timing could be problematic. Even though microbreweries continue their growth, total, American beer consumption continues to decline year in, year out and there is talk of a bubble forming in this industry. Nonetheless, if a private business wants to pursue this venture, have at it.

If public money went into this venture, it would be objectionable for a couple of reasons. The first reason is this the best use of taxpayer dollars given other more pressing needs? We all understand the city seeks to attract outside visitors, but the needs of residents and their neighborhoods should take priority.

The second reason is a bit more nuanced, but should the city interfere with free market forces? If the city participates in this venture, it undercut the four breweries in town on any number of fronts who have risked their capital. Is it fair to those businesses?

I suppose Mr. Doan could brew up some rationale for it, but it would probably be as a flat as beer left out overnight (puns intended). If this project moves forward, the city should stand clear and take care of more immediate needs lest they kill the other brewers in town.

The city council needs to take care of business in their bedroom before they go alleycatting.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

Seems like the City Council can't stop spending our money on 'investment ideas'!

Wish they would stop trying to act like private sector deal makers and stick to running a city. Put me down for a NO on the sales tax hike. A beer joint is not my idea of an "essential service". Let the free-market decide if this is a good idea, and let them take the risk, not the EG taxpayers.

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