Voices of Elk Grove - 'I am that person who was in these transitional homes'

Dennessa Atiles Elk Grove community activist

February 16, 2018 |  

During the Wednesday, February 14 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council, several members of the community lined up on opposite sides of an always controversial issue. At this particular meeting, the issue dealt with homelessness.

In this instance, the specific issue was the proposed purchase of a residential dwelling in a North Laguna neighborhood. The house, which the city council decided to purchase by a 4-1 vote, is designated to help families who are homeless make the transition to permanent housing.

Several residents expressed concerns about home values, the possibility of increased crime, and though unrelated to this specific action item, Section 8 public housing. 

One person speaking in favor of the transitional housing was Elk Grove resident Dennessa Atiles who noted when she was a minor, her family was assisted with transitional housing. Along with her comments on transitional housing, Atiles also addressed the heated rhetoric.

"I am very concerned about the rhetoric that is happening around this," she said. "And I think it is a product of the lack of community engagement."

Atiles' entire public comments can be viewed below.  

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Connie said...

I was so touched by Dennessa Atiles’ heartfelt testimony and her involvement in city government. There have been many of us grassroots activists who were fully engaged, only to become very discouraged. Dennessa has now taken that torch and is making a difference along with Lynn Wheat who has been involved since incorporation and has been steadfast in her involvement.

With that said, they cannot do it alone. Those of us who haven’t shown up for a time now, though we believe in the work they are doing, need to recommit and attend council meetings to support these powerful women.

Let’s once again fill “Citizen Corner” and force the change that is needed.

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