Voices of Elk Grove Video - Resident Says 'Old Elk Grove Will Become Skid Row' if By-District Elections Adopted

Elk Grove resident expresses concern "old Elk Grove will
become skid row." | 
April 13, 2018 |

At the Wednesday, April 11 meeting of the Elk Grove City Council meeting, one city resident warned of dire consequences should the city shift away from its current form of electing council members.

In comments made following a lengthy presentation on the history of Elk Grove's governance by city clerk Jason Lindgren, Randy Bekker said switching away from the current from-district form of electing council members will have negative connotations. In a from-district system council members reside in a specific geographic area but are elected by the entire city while by-district elections have council members elected by voters in a specified district, not citywide.

Comparing Elk Grove's current system to the City of Sacramento, which has by-district, Bekker said portions of the city could become similar to Meadowview in south Sacramento. Specifically, Bekker said Council Member Pat Hume's district, which includes Old Elk Grove, would be forsaken by his fellow council members, which currently include Steve Detrick, Stephanie Nguyen, and Darren Suen, in favor of Laguna West and the future Southeast Policy Area.

"Old Elk Grove will become skid row," Bekker said. "That's something we need to think about because it will happen."

Interestingly, Lindgren's presentation was assembled after Bekker, who appears to be have become an unpaid political adviser to Detrick and Suen, requested of the two council members the report at the March 28 city council meeting. At Bekker's request, Detrick and Suen acted quickly and  instructed Lindgren, who was aided by his staff and city attorney Jonathan Hobbs, to construct the report which lasted for over one hour.  

See Bekker's comments below.   

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Is Bekker referring to Old Town and/or East Elk Grove when he says, "Old Elk Grove?" No way would these areas become a skid row on Pat Hume's watch who represents that part of District 2. Hume's family's roots are very much planted in East Elk Grove. "Emerald" everything is his heritage.

And I am equally sure the Old Town merchants would also have something to say about Bekker's comments.

Why didn’t any of the Elk Grove City Council members speak up when these statements were made? Outrageous comments that appear to be pure scare tactics. What will the anti by-district rant be at the next Elk Grove City Council meeting: Walls are going to be built around each of the four districts and the National Guard will be called in to protect the borders?

If Bekker, as was mentioned in the article, is doing Suen’s and Detrick’s bidding, he is not doing Suen any favors in his bid for mayor of Elk Grove. As far as Detrick goes, no surprise there.

Randy Bekker said...

It’s always easy to sit on the couch an eat popcorn. Those that know Old Elk Grove know exactly where am talking about an they also agree. I am talking in years forward not the next few years that it is possible Old Elk Grove could be left behind under by District voting if not properly taken care of. Don’t believe me all you have to do is look at the history of Sacramento and the different areas that were left behind over the years. There is no reason to rush this since it will not go into affect this election year as the Mayor hoped to have the vote for by District on the November ballot . I do believe if this is done correctly, discuss an plan those that would feel disenfranchised an work towards a great plan by District could be a great solution if done properly by adding 2 Districts after the census in 2020. I could see by 2021 by District voting an a total of 6 districts.So what is there plan besides changing the way we vote for Council an piss over half the citizens of Elk Grove off! For the record I am not working with anyone or for anyone. I just don’t like those affiliated with groups an political parties think they can muscle there ways on others. I am not one to be pushed around this area has been my home for 43 years. Don’t mind sharing an changes as long as it is fair to everyone!

Dancejipsy. said...

Mr. Bekker,
Please be advised that your use of "an" is incorrect. It should be "and".

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