Business Group Offers 'Enthusiastic' Endorsement For Suen in 2018 Elk Grove Mayoral Race

Darren Suen (center) announcing his Elk Grove mayoral candidacy earlier this year. 

June 29, 2018 |  

Today a major Sacramento area business group announced their endorsement of Darren Suen in the Elk Grove mayoral race.

Sacramento-based Region Business and said they have a "unanimously and enthusiasticly" awarded their endorsement to Suen, who is Elk Grove's current Vice Mayor. Suen, along with Tracie Stafford, is challenging current Mayor Steve Ly for the two-year term in the November 2018 general election.   
In making the endorsement, Region Business' immediate past president said the group was unhesitant in their support. He also cited their long ties to the council member who has served close to four years on the Elk Grove City Council. 

"The Region Business election committee unanimously and enthusiastically has endorsed Darren Suen as the next mayor of Elk Grove," Temblador said. "We've been a big supporter of Darren since his original appointment to the council."

In reaching their decision, Temblador noted that Suen has been as a supporter for the business community.  An added plus for Suen in receiving the endorsement is his educational background in civil engineering and his employment, which before working for the State of California, included work in the housing development business. 

"We recognized and appreciated Darren's experience in the private sector, his background as an engineer, and frankly his education," he said. "He brings a lot to the table, and as a result, he understands the issues very well."

Temblador added that his diverse background "allows him to balance the public need and the private need." 

For Suen, the Region Business' action brings him an endorsement from a group many political observers consider one of the most influential business organizations in the Sacramento area. Aside from their work in keeping the Sacramento Kings from moving to Seattle, in recent years they launched a permit streamlining process in Elk Grove that has spread to other municipalities. 

In what promises to be a competitive three-way race, Suen said he was proud to receive "the broad-based voice of business" endorsement of Region Business.  

"Along with the remaining Elk Grove City Council-members, the five Elk Grove Planning Commissioners, the Sacramento Association of Realtors, the Elk Grove Police Officers Association and others, these individuals and organizations symbolize a growing sentiment of who is the best choice in November to take our city to the next level," Suen said. 

For Ly, Stafford, and Suen the next endorsement of note they are competing for is from the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club on Tuesday, July 10. Although all three candidates are registered as Democratic, the race for that Democratic club's support is expected to be mostly a contest between Ly and Stafford as Suen has been criticized for endorsing a host of Republican candidates in the 2018 primary and general elections and is expected to receive scant support in the popularly determined endorsement. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Region Business has created Elk Grove in its own vision--arterials lined with generic chain stores and restaurants, low budget architecture, stucco box homes on tiny lots, and worsening traffic.

Suen is my man!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

When will the Elk Grove City Council, including Darren Suen, put the people of this city first before developers and Region Business? Have they ever asked themselves when they are constantly bending over backward to please Region Business, and their agenda, how will any given vote supported by that special interest lobbying group benefits the people who voted them into office?

Oh, never mind, the answer is they don't represent the people of Elk Grove, and Council members like Darren Suen, Pat Hume and Steve Detrick only represent developers, Region Business, and their campaign contributions!

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