Candidates, Causes & Supporters Tweet to Get Out The Vote in Several Races in Sacramento County

June 4, 2018 | With just over 24 hours before the deadline for submission of ballots in Sacramento County for the state's Jun...

June 4, 2018 |

With just over 24 hours before the deadline for submission of ballots in Sacramento County for the state's June 5 primary approaching, several candidates, causes, and their supporters are working to get out the vote.

In Sacramento,the two highest profile races are for the Sheriff's and District Attorney's offices. Scott Jones and Ann Marie Schubert, respective incumbents as Sheriff and District Attorney, are receiving strong and well-financed challenges from Milo Fitch.

In the District Attorney's race, as there are only two candidates, the results will be a winner-takes-all after all the votes are counted. In the Sheriff's race if none of the four candidate vying for the position win over 50-percent of the vote, the top two finishers will face-off in the November general election.

The other notable race facing many Sacramento County voters is the three-way race for the 7th Congressional District seat currently held by Democratic Dr. Ami. Bera who is being challenged by Republicans Dr. Yona Barash and Andrew Grant. As incumbent, Bera, who is has more campaign cash than his challengers, is expected to easily secure one the top two positions while Barash and Grant will slug it out for the opportunity to face the three term congressman in November.

Below are a variety of Tweets from most of the candidates, various supporters and causes weighing in on the various contests.

Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce

Like most business groups, the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce trend more conservative in their politics. As such, the chamber issued a Tweet noting their support of Grant, Jones and Schubert. The chamber also endorsed Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D - Elk Grove) who is expected to roll to an easy victory in June and November.  
ACLU of Northern California

Although the civil rights group has not directly endorsed candidates, they have outlined several characteristic they believe the Sheriff and District Attorney should possess. While they cannot issue a direct endorsement, for those who have followed the campaign and the candidates positions, it is clear they do not support Jones or Schubert. 
Phillips' supporters

Today this tweet supporting Phillips was posted. Although Phillips is thought to be running behind Schubert, his supporters are not giving up and are working towards turning out the vote in populations that might not otherwise vote in a midterm primary. 
Milo Fitch
Like Phillips, Fitch is running against an incumbent and is reaching out to activate voting groups to force a run off against Jones in November. If Fitch and the two other candidates for Sheriff, Donna Cox and Brett Daniels, can keep Jones from securing a victory of greater than 50-percent, a November run-off will determine the next sheriff.

Scott Jones

Although Jones has a social media presence, it is not nearly as active as Fitch's. Below is the most recent Tweet from Jones.

While Fitch has used social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to reach younger, first-time potential voters. Conversely, one of Jones' main consistencies are to be conservative, and more importantly older, who are not generally thought to be consumers and users of social media.  
Noah Phillips 
Like Fitch, Phillips tweeted yesterday a picture with former Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo. Phillips' opponent, incumbent Schubert has largely eschewed use of social media in her campaign. 

Black Lives Matter - Sacramento

One if the bigger issues for several voters have been recent incidents, including the shooting of Stephon Clark. Although the officer involved shooting that led to the death of the south Sacramento father was from the Sacramento Police Department, Schubert has been widely criticized for no prosecuting other law enforcement officers in Sacramento County.
Dr. Yona Barash
With the Cook Political Report saying the competitive race for California's 7th Congressional District is now likely Democratic, political handicappers say the real competition in this race is for the second spot to challenge incumbent Dr. Ami Bera.

While Andrew Grant is generally acknowledged to be the establishment Republican candidate, Dr. Yona Barash has been touting endorsements from law enforcement and grassroots organizations.  

Andrew Grant

With backing from groups like the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, Grant, with his extensive military credentials is viewed as the more mainstream Republican candidate. Yesterday Grant tweeted this picture, which includes for Cosumnes Community Services (CCSD) Director Michelle Orrock, and Jerry Braxmeyer, who is running this year for the CCSD with Orrock managing his campaign. 
Dr. Ami Bera

As a three term Congressman, Bera is using the advantages of his incumbency. Below are tweets from this campaign Twitter account and one from his official House account.


Even though the Sacramento Bee has issued their endorsements, other members of the media have voiced their opinions on the contest exclusive of respective editorial boards. One such media member is Sacramento News and Review reporter Raheem F. Hosseini who offered this story on Jones.  

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