Fees For Elk Grove's New Swimming Pool Approved, Laguna Ridge Ratepayers to Receive Discounts

July 12, 2018 |

Even though the opening of Elk Grove's long-awaited civic center swimming pool has been delayed until later this summer, last night the Elk Grove City Council approved user rates for the facility.

By a 5-0 vote, the city council approved the fees for the pool which is a major component of the city's $31 million civic center. Primary financing of the pool and future structures are being shouldered by property owners in Elk Grove's Laguna Ridge neighborhood who are paying Mello Roos fees for the centerpiece of that subdivision.

In the staff presentation, city council member said the fees were developed by examining competing regional facilities and consulting with the Cosumnes Community Services District. The CCSD is the contracted operator of the facility and owns and operates a nearby competing facility at the Wackford Aquatics Complex on Bruceville Road.

Because Laguna Ridge property owners are paying the highest Mello Roos fees in Elk Grove to finance the operations, they will be granted a 20-percent discount. In their deliberations approving the fee structure, the city council also said they would consider offering a discounted rate for seniors at a future meeting.

"I appreciate the discounted rate for Laguna Ridge residents given that they are, visa via their Mello Roos fees, paying for a good portion of this facility," council member Pat Hume said.

The city council has pinned some of their economic development aspirations on the swimming pool and the adjacent facilities planned for the civic center as the engine that will transform Elk Grove into a tourist destination. Along with the hopes of former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, who pushed hard for the swimming pool saying it could become a perennial Olympic trials facility, the city more immediately hopes the swimming facility will attract regional swimming tournaments.

In the staff report for the user fees, it was noted that under current revenue projections, the city anticipates the facility will lose about $489,000 annually. Consequently, the city will provide an annual subsidy from the general fund to cover revenue shortfalls.

User fees and the operation budget statements can be viewed below. 

Operating budget

Swimming pool fees

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Mr. Gougherty I am not quite sure if, when you write "Along with the hopes of former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis, who pushed hard for the swimming pool saying it could become a perennial Olympic trials facility..." are auditioning to become a staff writer with The Onion. Regardless, the absurd comments and opinions coming out of our city council members are ridiculous enough to have been ripped from headlines on The Onion. This absurdity has been the case since incorporation and will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

Oh, and just remember, dinosaurs did not drive cars.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

I'm quite sure that despite the fact that the Google Earth map of Elk Grove shows the enormous number of built-in pools already in homeowner's backyards; friends who have friends with pools; and communities such as Del Webb that have community pools, that this aquatic facility will help Elk Grove become a tourist destination!

I'm also quite sure that the kids who are currently participating in the #1 youth sports activity in Elk Grove--soccer--are going to run down to Big 5 and buy a swimsuit to take on a new sport. I also know the pro bike riders who just completed the Amgen Tour of California were disappointed that the aquatic center was not completed when they ended their race the construction site this year. Darn!

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