Firefighters, police unions endorse Suen for Elk Grove mayor

July 25, 2018 |  

In a boost in his run for Elk Grove mayor, Darren Suen has received endorsements from the unions representing police officers and firefighters in Elk Grove. 

The endorsements come from  Elk Grove Police Officers Association which represents the Elk Grove Police Department and Sacramento Area Firefighters, Local 22 whose members include firefighters from the Cosumnes Fire Department, which is under the authority of Cosumnes Community Services District. 

“Darren Suen has consistently cared about and prioritized public safety as one of the most important investments the City of Elk Grove can make to create a thriving community." Dan Templeton, the Vice President of the Elk Grove Police Officers Association said. "With Darren’s efforts and vision, we can count on him to continue to work on keeping our communities safe.” 

Suen, who currently is an Elk Grove City Council member representing District 1, won the endorsement over rivals Steve Ly and Tracie Stafford. Suen and Stafford are challenging Ly, who is seeking his second two-year term as mayor.

In 2016 mayoral candidate Kevin Spease earned the endorsements over Ly and Stafford. In the aftermath of the police officers endorsement of Spease, Ly questioned the integrity of the POA and said their support was the result of what he characterized as a "backroom deal."

Endorsements from public safety endorsements are typically among the most valued in local elections and are widely touted in candidate mailers. It was not immediately disclosed if either union would be donating cash to Suen's campaign. 

In offering the firefighters endorsement, Cosumnes Fire Department local vice president Christopher Schamber noted Suen's involvement with the fire district, which is independent of the city operations, on a host of safety issues. 

"We join with the Elk Grove Police Officers Association in their support of Darren, and we recognize that a safe community is a prosperous community,” Schamber said. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I understand he also has the endorsements of the Institute of Traffic Engineers, Institute of Retention Basin Engineers,Institution of Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Institution of Civil Engineers Northern Ireland Branch, Japan Society for Civil Engineers, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, and the International Tortilla Bakers Union Loco #311.

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