Democratic voters returning ballots in bigger numbers than Republicans in Elk Grove's midterm races

November 4, 2018 |  

With two days until ballots must be submitted in Sacramento County, recent data shows that registered Democratic voters have returned more ballots than Republicans for the various Elk Grove races.

Statistics compiled by Political Data for the City of Elk Grove, show Democratic registration in the city is 43-percent versus 25-percent for Republicans and 32-percent for decline to state or another party. For this year's general election, there were 90,953 ballots distributed in Elk Grove.

As of Friday, November 2, there have 21,395 ballots returned. Along party lines, 44-percent of ballots returned have been from Democrats, while 32-percent came from Republicans and 24-percent from decline to state.

The highest participation rates as of the report show that 68-percent of ballots submitted were from white or other voters. Among age groups, the highest participation came from the 65+ age group who comprised 38-percent of the total vote (see entire data set below).

The same reported compiled for the 7th U.S. Congressional District, which lies entirely in Sacramento County and includes all of Elk Grove, shows that 105,587 ballots have been returned, 40-percent, or 42,077, are from registered Democrats. Republicans voters have returned submitted slightly fewer with 37-percent, or 39,404.  

The total number of ballots returned is105,587 of 407,921 ballots mailed countywide. Democratic voters have a registration advantage over Republicans 38 to 31-percent of votes, while those registered as decline to state or others also have 31-percent.  

In terms of the percent of ballots returned by party affiliation, Democratic voters also edge out Republicans. Democratic voters have returned at 42-percent to Republicans' 37-percent return rate.

The total ballots distributed in-district was 405,921 of which 105,587 have been returned. According to forecasting site, the turnout rate for this race is expected to be about 46.4-percent in the district.   

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