Ly's mentor former Mayor Gary Davis flips, sends robocall supporting Suen; audio included

November 4, 2018 |

In what can only be described as a 180-degree turn, former Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis voiced an independent robocall yesterday in support of Darren Suen who is challenging his former protégé Steve Ly for Elk Grove mayor.

The robocall (posted below), which was paid by the political action committee for the Sacramento-based business advocacy group Region Business urged voters to support Suen as well as Elk Grove City Council incumbents Pat Hume and Stephanie Nguyen. Suen and Tracie Stafford are challenging Ly while Hume is being challenged by Andres Ramos for the District 2 seat of the Elk Grove City Council and Nguyen is challenged by Orlando Fuentes.

For Ly, the robocall from Davis represents a departure from their close alliance. Ly, who was mentored by Davis since his first election to the Elk Grove Council in 2014, encouraged him to run for mayor in 2016 when Davis decided not to run for reelection. Before that Ly was supported by Davis when he ran and won a seat on the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees in 2012.

During their alliance, Davis often appeared in Ly's political advertising piece expressing positive messages.  As recent as last weekend, Ly sent a mailer featuring his wife and Davis' wife Heather Davis who is the board member of the Sacramento County Office of Education, in support of his mayoral candidacy.

Region Business executive director Joshua Wood said this November surprise comes at a crucial time for the three-way race. Noting that Davis is one of the most recognizable elected officials in the city, Wood added the endorsement carries weight with voters.

"Everyone agrees that Darren Suen is the best choice for mayor," Wood said. "He is the best one prepared to lead. His endorsement will carry a lot of influence and credibility with voters."

Ly could not be reached for comment.

Along with Suen, Wood added that together with Hume and Nguyen, "It's the real team Elk Grove." 


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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Ly Phone call: Sacramento Executive Airport, how may I direct your call?

Ly: Yeah get my pilot, Ace "Sopwith" Ventura on the phone ASAP.

Ace: Ace here, Mr. Mayor, good morning.

Ly: Good morning nothing! Suen's nipping at my heels and your little plane is not doing the trick for me. It flies so slow, people are afraid it's gonna stall and are running for cover!

Ace: Sir, my contract says fly your banners over the city "low and slow". Just doing what I'm told sir.

Ly: Forget that, can you get your hands on an F-18? I need you to do some Blue Angel stuff, you know Chuck Yeager stunts, smoke, dives, even some sonic booms! I need people to look up at my plane! Suen is kicking my butt and I need, you know, air superiority!

Ace: but sir...

Ly: But nothing, I want you to make some calls, get that plane up in the air today! This is the last weekend day before the election. I want to see some Apocalypse Now stuff, sonic booms, smoke, maybe even drop free Jolly Ranchers or Jujubees down on them to get them scrambling and excited.

Ace: But sir...

Ly: Listen, a contract is a contract! I own you until election day, $500 up front, and $45,000 if I win, $100 if I lose. You want to get paid right?

Ace: Yes sir, I want to get paid. I've been reading some of the flyers and....

Ly: Don't believe everything you read! Get an F-18 and some candy ASAP!

....line goes dead....

Eye on Elk Grove said...

This one is so easy to figure out, right folks? Elk Grove Mayor Emeritus Gary Davis is missing the light shining on him at the dais. So anyone want to take the bet what is in it for Davis by his last-minute betrayal of Steve Ly in favor of Darren Suen?

Davis recently moved into District 1. So my wager is on the fact that IF Suen happens to win the mayoral seat, Davis has been promised the appointment. He can descend into the dais and back into the limelight, trumpets and all befitting yet another king of their own making.

But what about all the other notables who appeared repeatedly on Suen's campaign flyers who also have eyes on the D1 seat with delusions of grandeur; most likely receiving the same promise of the appointment? After all, wasn't the fixed appointment already in for the District 4 seat two years ago?

So, who is it going to be? The Mayor Emeritus, the EGUSD Board member or the high-ranking Elk Grove-Laguna Rotary and Chamber of Commerce member?

I can't wait for the election to be over so we can close this episode of Elk Grove's version of House of Cards? So many cast of characters that I don't know who deserves the roles of Frank and Claire Underwood more!

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