Suen denounces Alliance to Protect the Middle Class attacks on Ly in Elk Grove mayoral race

November 3, 2018 |

With three days left until voting closes and over two weeks after they first surfaced, Elk Grove mayoral candidate Darren Suen has condemned attack ads against one of his two opponents.

In comments posted on his mayoral Facebook page earlier this morning (see below), Suen said "I denounce this negativity" that have targeted opponent Steve Ly. Those attack ads which have appeared in online videos, display advertisements and mailers were sponsored by the independent expenditure committee calling itself the Alliance to Protect the Middle Class (APMC). 

Since the ads first surfaces, the APMC has attacked Ly painting him as fiscally irresponsible following unpaid personal bills. Ly has not responded in the media regarding the claims but has sent a mailer to voters decrying the negativity.

Earlier this week the third candidate in the mayoral race, Tracie Stafford, criticized the practices of the APMC saying they had no place in Elk Grove politics. Suen did not respond to two requests from this outlet to comment on the attack ads. 

As if to offer an explanation to voters on the origins of the attack ads, Suen said in his posting that he has no control over the practices of any independent expenditure committee. Suen wrote, "The negative campaign being waged against one of my opponents is that of an independent expenditure campaign that I, unfortunately, have no control over by law."

In addition to attacking Ly, in a widely distributed mailer sent to voters this week the APMC featured one of Ly's campaign consultants, Ty Sorci. Without mentioning Sorci by name, the graphics display documents that appear to be child support between him and another.

When asked about the mailer, Sorci called it "pretty low." Ly did not respond to an invitation to comment.   

The APMC has received most of its funding from PG&E and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, both of whom who have also made contributions to Suen's various campaigns. 

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Connie said...

The Elk Grove mayoral race became very contentious with these IE hit pieces. Why didn’t Darren Suen denounce these hateful Trumpish style of political mailers after the first one hit? I know he was asked to do so. Instead Suen waited almost two weeks until the last two hit and there was widespread outrage on social media and in the community. One must question the timing of his mea culpa.

No matter what happens on Tuesday, Suen will still be on the Elk Grove City Council. As such, he now has this blackmark on his record regarding how he conducts himself going forward to bring people together.

And I still don’t buy that Suen did not know. The political underground in Elk Grove knew there was going to be hit pieces on Steve Ly from a union supporting Suen. So, if myself and others heard about them in advance, you can bet Suen heard about them as well.

Sorry Darren, but you are better than this. How many years ago did we have that meeting at Starbucks when being on the Elk Grove City Council was just a future aspiration?

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