Opinion - We will not allow bigotry or violence to go unchallenged

November 1, 2018 | 

Special to Elk Grove News | 

In recent weeks, we have seen hateful violent acts across the United States that cannot be ignored here at home.  We will never accept racism, intolerance and bigotry in Elk Grove.

In Louisville, Kentucky a hate-filled man attempted to enter a church to kill African-Americans but, finding the door locked, he instead sought out and killed two other African-Americans that were strangers to him. Here in Elk Grove, we too have struggled with bigotry and physical threats against our African-American sisters and brothers, although, thankfully there has been no similar violence.

In Pittsburgh, another hate-filled man slaughtered 11 Jewish men and women while they prayed on Sabbath in a Synagogue. Our Elk Grove Jewish community will never forget when three area synagogues were firebombed and the Sikh community still feels the pain of six community members killed in a Gurdwara on a Sunday morning in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Fourteen elected officials and activists recently received pipe-bombs in the mail but, thankfully, none exploded. Similarly, but without the accompanying physical acts, several Elk Grove political candidates have received dangerous threats from bigots.

As community leaders, elected officials and political candidates, we are committed to speaking out against hate in Elk Grove and across the US. We will not allow bigotry or violence to go unchallenged. It was important for us to attend Congregation B’nai Israel this past Monday in a prayer of remembrance for those that were killed in Pittsburgh. Although many elected officials have been absent on these difficult issues, we believe that leaders must never be silent when faced with hate affecting our community members.

If we are determined to defeat prejudice, then we must all take affirmative steps to challenge hate and bigotry when we encounter it. This past week we recommitted to follow this path on behalf of the residents of Elk Grove and our nation.


Steve Ly, Elk Grove Mayor
Orlando Fuentes, Cosumnes Community Services District Director,  Candidate for Elk Grove City Council
Rod Brewer, Cosumnes Community Services District Director
Andres Ramos, Candidate for Elk Grove City Council
Jaclyn Moreno, Candidate for Cosumnes Services District Director
Rosanna Herber, Candidate for SMUD Director

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