Elk Grove News Podcast - Elk Grove's Eschinger Road Conundrum

In this edition, smart planning advocate Lynn Wheat discusses the city's recent traffic congestion study and a conundrum presented by Caltrans for Elk Grove’s long-sought expansion of city limits.

We also discusses how Elk Grove taxpayers are on the hook for costs that in normal cities are paid by developers. 

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Randy Bekker said...

You have to look at the cities road expansion, cost, available monies, time line an actually being built. Kammerer rd., JPA expansion last year sounded like shovels in the ground an would be completed quickly, reality city says they have funding to get it to Bruceville rd by 2021 but not exactly how they visioned. From Bruceville to I-5 could take another 5-10 years after that depending on funding. Whitelock over pass at highway 99 in the Planning stage with No construction funding which we could probably not see for at least 5-7 years at best if not longer. The construction on 99 south of Elk Grove completion is expected in 2024. If an overpass would ever be constructed at Eschinger rd. the east side of 99 an the UP tracks floods so that would need to be addressed. I would imagine given the hold up of road construction at Kammerer rd. The land south is a few decades away from shovels in the ground an probably 40-50 years before anything at Eschinger. In closing keep this in mind I remember the south bypass loop was discussed to be built in the 70’s. I have heard by those here in the 50’s that there was maps an discussion of building an expressway. To think it’s not even built yet an that expressway if I remember has 12 signal lights projected from Highway 99 to I-5. I think I will have a glass of Lemonade an take in nature an not worry about something that I will never see or may never be built. Have a great day folks!

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...
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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

I didn't occur to me until today, but this podcast subtly highlights a long-time trend in Elk Grove.

That highlight is this - the most civically engaged citizens in Elk Grove are and have been women. Ms. Wheat has been a regular fixture at city council and planning commission meetings keeping a watchful eye on shenanigans for more years than I can remember.

If not for Ms. Wheat and many other women - you all know who you are - current and past, where would Elk Grove as a city be now?

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