Elk Grove man in custody for allegedly threatening Elk Grove Police officers, Superior Court Judges

An Elk Grove man was taken into custody last week by the Sacramento County Probation Department after threatened four Elk Grove Police ...

An Elk Grove man was taken into custody last week by the Sacramento County Probation Department after threatened four Elk Grove Police officers and two Sacramento County Superior Court judges.
While the names of the police officers and judges is a matter of public record, in the interest of their safety, their names will not be revealed in this story. Also, the name of the suspect Brandon AndreKeith Nixon is not associated with any individuals with the same name on various social media platforms.  This story includes explicit language that readers may find ojectionable. 
The remand into custody on Tuesday, August 7 for the probationer came following a request by the City of Elk Grove for a restraining order. The suspect, Brandon Andrekeith Nixon, according to Elk Grove's petition, has allegedly stalked and threatened four police officers and threatened two Sacramento County Superior Court judges. 

According to the city's petition, Elk Grove Police officers conducted a probation search of Nixon's Elk Grove residence on July 24. In accordance with state laws, law enforcement officials are allowed to conduct searches, which includes access to electronic devices such as cell phones and computers.  

One day earlier an Elk Grove Police detective located images on Nixon's Facebook reportedly threatening the four officers, two judges, and other Sacramento County officials. The petition claims the images were done in "hit list" fashion. 

During the search of the residence, officers saw an image of an Elk Grove Police officer posted on Nixon's then-Facebook page under an alias with a crosshair over the officer's head. The alias account appears to have been removed from Facebook.

The search of his phone allegedly revealed notes Nixon wrote expressing how his interest in guns evolved from making past threats to classmates and how he "would walk around with a loaded firearm in school." The petition did not reveal which school system Nixon attended.

The petition also alleged that "respondent talk about have dreams of killing people who have wronged him, and 'Blowing their heads off."" 

The city's petition says Nixon's probation came following a May 2017 arrest by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Nixon was convicted on three felony and two misdemeanor weapon and perjury charges. 

Other images discovered on Nixon's Facebook page on April 9 showed he wrote "fuck the bitch ass Elk Grove PD. Y'all motherfuckas done messed with the wrong ... To those five pigs who harassed me today. Just know payback's a ... and y'all gonna get yours."

After being contacted by two of the officers identified in the petition on May 30, Nixon posted comments with 10 hashtags including FUCKTHEPOLICE, BLUELIESMATTER, and BLUEISIS. Crosshairs were also placed over images of the two police officers who contacted Nixon.

Police claim computer searches show Nixon was attempting to gain possession of weapons which he is not allowed to own. The petitions notes, "respondent is again looking for ways around his firearms prohibition, and/or ways to avoid detention." 

Along with the police officers, Nixon also allegedly directed threats toward two Sacramento County Superior Court Judges. The petition quotes Nixon who threatened one of the judges by writing "This BITCH [their emphasis] should be charged with MURDER and sentenced to death by a gun range in which an individual has a Barrett M82 .50BMG caliber sniper rifle no more than five feet from her with the scope right aimed at her neck as the bitch gets her head blown the fuck off. She is a MURDER [sic] and must be treated a such."

The second judge, who Nixon suggests imposed fines on him wrote the Judge "doesn't need to be removed as a judge. This small dick faggot deserves to die!! It would be fitting to read on the Monday Morning news this fucker and his family were MURDERED while asleep in the place of residence."

Nixon is also alleged to have loitered at the Elk Grove Police station on at least eight occasions since December 2018. Reportedly he "stalks officers, having been found on at least 8 [sic] occasions outside of the secured, gated parking lot of the Elk Grove Police Department" and "is usually filming officers and the vehicles entering and exiting the police department." 

Nixon was taken into custody last week by Sacramento County Probation officers for probation violations, and new charges of making threats of bodily injury. He is not eligible for release and has a court appearance this morning at Sacramento County Superior Court. 

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