Suen raises $32,000 in late filed semi-annual Elk Grove City Council campaign finance report

Faced with his third campaign since 2016 following his failed 2018 Elk Grove mayoral bid, Darren Suen has quickly resumed campaign fundraising efforts.

For his semi-annual report filed on August 6 with the Elk Grove city clerk's office, for the period ending June 30, Suen generated $32,400 in donations. After paying expenses of $10,557, Suen ended the period with $73,209.

Suen's major contributions included the following:

Labor and professional associations:
  • Calif. Conference Board Amalgamated Transit Union - $5,000
  • Professional Engineers in California - $1,000
Construction and real estate interests:
  • Chrysanthy T. Demos Investments - $5,000
  • Laguna Gateway Phase 2 - $3,000
  • ABR Investments, Mather, Calif. - $2,500 
  • Committee for Homeownership, Building Industry Association -  $2,500
  • Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley - $2,500
  • California Real Estate Association - $1,000
  • California Electrical Contractors Associaton - $1,000
  • Thomas Winn - $1,000
  • Teichert Inc. - $500
  • Angelo G. Tsakopoulus - $100
  • Atty. Timothy Taron - $100
  • Law office of Gregory Thatch - $100
City of Elk Grove contractors:
  • Willdan Group - $5,000
  • Republic Services - $1,000
Suen received a $320 non-monetary contribution from McConnell Winery in Elk Grove. Among donations, Suen gave fellow councilmembers Steve Detrick $5,000.

As noted, Suen's report was filed on the morning of Tuesday August 6, past the state-mandated July 31 deadline for filing or a postmark. When notified today, the Elk Grove city clerk's office said they had not received the report.

In a message from Suen's treasurer, Jerry Atterbury said he received the data and signed disclosures from Suen on July 17. Atterbury said the report was electronically sent by the deadline, but there was a transmittal error.  

"It was an issue on our office end, not Darren," Atterbury said.  

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