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During every Elk Grove city council meeting there is an item on the agenda called the consent calendar. The calendar contains items of city business that are considered routine, non-controversial.

In this editions of Lynn Wheat’s podcast More Than Three Minutes, Wheat discusses this expenditure and other things hidden in the consent calendar. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The boys from West Sac (Region Builders) and Granite Bay (the developers) better order some more blank checks, because if "Wheat, The Spoiler" makes a run for Detrick's Council seat in District 3, and a "non-establishment" person makes a run for Suen's seat in District 1, the developer-friendly status quo will be in crisis mode!

If two outsiders get elected, plus the seated Mayor Ly are all on Council, there may be a majority coalition formed that questions the status quo in our city. The Boys from West Sac and Granite Bay may find they have to improve their development quality like they do in Roseville, Natomas, Rocklin, and Folsom; and pay more in development fees before they can come in and clear dirt in our city.

Maybe this coalition will also decide that all of the residents of this city deserve "wellness". Heaven forbid if the interests of the residents come before the developers! And that free-wheeling spending going on at City-Hall...employees throwing road blocks at residents may find themselves having to update their resumes!

With a combination of by-district election, restless natives, and a few informed activists buzzing around City Hall like gnats, the Boys are going to need tons of cash to try to protect their rigged game in Elk Grove in November 2020. This ought to be entertaining to watch!

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