JT's Basque Bar & Dining Room in Gardnerville worth the visit

I have to say I have been a bit remiss in this review of JT's, but as they say, better late than never.

We had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at this unique and historic restaurant on the Saturday of the 2019 Veterans Day three day weekend and are already planning another trip from Elk Grove after the possibility of hitting a snowstorm passes later this spring.

We came in just past 1 p.m. during a busy lunch hour, and even though it things were humming, we were quickly seated. Before long, we were enjoying the wonderful salad, soup, and bread, which was followed by stew.

Basque restaurants, in case you've never had the opportunity to visit one, serve their multi-course meals family-style.

The stew was beef tongue, and it was delicious. I've had tongue where it was too mushy or tough, but they got it just right.

For our entrees, I selected lamb chops - a standard at any Basque restaurant, and my companion ordered the pig's feet and tripe. By the time we got to our entree, we were full from the earlier courses, so much of our entrees were enjoyed later that same day.

The lamb was done perfectly, and my companion, who loves pigs' feet and tripe, and given this is an item that seldom appears on a menu unless it is a Basque restaurant, was a real treat, She thoroughly enjoyed their preparation. Like the tongue, it was not mushy or tough and prepared just right.
No visit to a Basque restaurant is complete without
a Picon Punch cocktail. 

Even though all the food was excellent and plentiful, I have to say the french fries were out of this world. After the lunch rush slowed, the manager on duty - Ryan - told us they have a unique process for their hand-cut potatoes. I will not bore you with the details - ask them if you visit, and they'll tell you - but suffice it to say they are outstanding.

Along with enjoying a carafe of house red wine with our meal and a couple of picon punch cocktails, the service was exceptional. Our primary server Jodell said she was the rookie on the staff having worked there for over six years and said employees are treated exceptionally well by ownership, and it shows in the service to the diners.

Jodell also noted and we noticed there were many regulars there. Of course, there are many visitors like us, and I can say we felt welcome.

We are looking forward to visiting on the weeknight for dinner where they have daily specials like roasted rabbit. If rabbit is not your thing, they always have lamb, steak and other entrees. Either way, you'll leave JT's a happy diner.

Oh, and don't forget your ice cream dessert!

Picon Punch recipe - Torani Amer is available at Total Wine and More in Elk Grove. See more EGN reviews on our Yelp page. 

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