Annual AFD story tradition suspended, but a look back at others

BBC Once Convinced People That A Spaghetti Tree Existed [VIDEO]

April 1 is one of our favorite days at EGN. It is the one day we get to do the equivalent of ringing your doorbell or calling a store and asking them if they have Prince Albert in a can. 

Because of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, we will not publish our annual April Fools Day story. We have to admit our inspiration for the ritual was inspired by the BBC's report from years ago about farmers expecting a poor spaghetti harvest.  

Like anything, some stories were better than others. Here a couple for years past. 

A call from Homeland Security

Celebrating the presidency of Donald Trump, we made a story about his plan to convert the Suburban Propane tanks into a Russian vodka storage facility and brewery. As outrageous as the story was, it generated sufficient concern that Homeland Security placed a call to us.

Following-up, two agents from Washington DC said both said the surmised it was an April Fools Day story, but they were required to check every tip out. Fair enough.

Our favorite story

In 2010, with the Ghost Mall still standing, we announced Goldiman [sic] Sachs was taking over the half-built structure for an American call center.

The best part of this story from our perspective is that within an hour or so of posting, we received an excited call from a high city official seeking more information about this spectacular announcement. We kind of chuckled and sai, "ah, do you know what today is?"

We will not reveal the name of that embarrassed City of Elk Grove official.

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